Amir Behzadan

University of Colorado Boulder

Amir Behzadan is a fellow in the Institute of Behavioral Science and is affiliated with the Natural Hazards Center. His academic home is in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering. Before joining the University of Colorado Boulder, he was a professor at Texas A&M University and affiliated with the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center. Behzadan investigates grand challenges at the intersection of society and built/natural environments (including disaster resilience, climate change adaptation, job site safety, workplace health, and ergonomics) through designing, validating, and disseminating human-centered, responsible, and affordable AI/ML solutions. He is the director of the Connected Informatics and Built Environment Research Lab. He serves on the editorial board of two academic journals: Construction Engineering and Management and Smart and Sustainable Built Environment. In addition to disseminating his research findings in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals and conferences, he has given a TEDx Talk in 2022 on how AI can help communities better understand flood risk. Behzadan’s research and scholarly activities are supported by federal and state agencies and the private sector.