Antonia Sebastian

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Sebastian is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research on flood risk in urban areas relies on a multi-disciplinary approach, combining state-of-the-art methods from the fields of statistics, hydrology and hydraulic engineering, and urban planning. Her previous work has focused on problems ranging from compound events in coastal environments to the influence of urbanization and climate change on the evolution of flood hazard and risk to flood adaptation under non-stationary conditions. Most recently, her work delves into issues related to risk quantification, visualization, and communication. Dr. Sebastian is a former Netherlands-America Foundation (NAF)/Fulbright Fellow in Flood Management (2014-2015). In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Dr. Sebastian has been involved in developing policies for recovery and resilience as part of the Governor’s Commission to Rebuild Texas. In addition to her work in North Carolina, she continues to mentor students at institutions in Texas and the Netherlands, and is passionate about creating opportunities for interdisciplinary, international research and exchange.