Brigid Mark

University of Colorado Boulder

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Brigid Mark is a PhD student in the sociology department at the University of Colorado Boulder and a graduate research assistant at the Natural Hazards Center. Her research interests include climate/environmental justice, social movements, and race—specifically colonization, decolonization, and Native sovereignty. Her research methodology includes scholar activism and Indigenous feminist qualitative methods. Mark holds a master's in sociology from the University of Colorado Boulder with a certificate in environmental sociology and a bachelor’s in environmental studies and biology from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

Mark's current research explores how Indigenous-led social movements work to counter processes of land dispossession and injustice through rematriation. Mark's master's thesis explores how social movements address power inequalities, focusing on the Indigenous-white line of difference in the movement against the Line 3 pipeline in northern Minnesota. She has conducted research at two United Nations climate conferences on emotions of youth climate activists, exclusion and marginalization within the conference, and Pacific Islanders’ strategies to advance rapid climate action. She has collaborated on climate justice research about Native-led renewable energy and the power of the fossil fuel industry.