Chris Barth

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Chris Barth is a fire mitigation & education specialist with the Bureau of Land Management. Barth has worked in fire management since 1992 for volunteer, municipal, county, and federal agencies. He has worked with the public and stakeholders to promote fire education and mitigation strategies, as well as led several regional wildfire and environmental coalitions. Barth is a subject matter expert for, and member of, an interdisciplinary wildfire research team (WiRē), and has co-authored several research publications on homeowners’ attitudes towards wildfire mitigation and public perception of wildfire risk. Barth has extensive experience in crisis communication and public affairs/public relations. Barth holds bachelor’s degrees in both biology and environmental conservation, as well as a master’s degree in environmental education. His background spans from wildfire to wildlife and has taken him throughout the American West and into East Africa.