Christine Gibb

University of Ottawa

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Christine Gibb is an associate professor at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada. She is feminist geographer who examines the taken-for-granted aspects of disaster responses by studying lived experiences and mobilities at a variety of scales, and by situating them in broader geopolitical contexts. She conducts research on disaster im/mobilities, fieldwork and research methods, care and academic work, and university pedagogy. Her current work is focused on the ways in which gendered religious practices, institutions and norms determine access to disaster assistance in Southeast Asia. She is also the lead of a CONVERGE-sponsored collaborative team studying the experiences of children, teens, and older adults in the COVID pandemic. Her past research projects have been based in Kenya, Ghana, the Philippines, Canada and the U.S.. In her teaching, she uses many of the CONVERGE resources, and has contributed to the CONVERGE assignment bank. Outside academia, Gibb has worked as a consultant for several United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations on environment, development, and youth education issues.