Claire Rubin

Disaster Research and Information Services

Claire B. Rubin & Associates

Claire Rubin is the president of Claire B. Rubin & Associates, LLC (, a small business specializing in disaster research and consulting, located in Arlington.

During her nearly 40 years in the emergency management field, Rubin has been a researcher, consultant, practitioner, and academic. She has written approximately 100 publications, including two books, several book chapters, and various articles. She also has delivered numerous lectures and presentations on emergency management and homeland security.

She is the editor of the textbook "Emergency Management: The American Experience", 1900-2010 (2nd edition), published by Taylor and Francis in 2012. She is co-author of the  chapter titled Unmet Needs and Persistent Problems in "Issues in Disaster Science and Management", an online text book published in 2014 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency Higher Education Office.

From 1998-2014, Rubin was affiliated with the Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. as a senior research associate and adjunct faculty member. She co-founded the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in 2003 and served as managing editor for 6 years.

Since 2010, she has maintained the professional blog called Rubin has also served as moderator for three Facebook groups on higher education in emergency management.

Rubin has been an active volunteer in local and national emergency management programs, including Community Emergency Response Team and Citizen Corps programs in Arlington County, Virginia. Recently, she was employed part-time with the Arlington County Office of Emergency Management.