Eliot Evans

U.S. Air Force

Eliot Evans is a lieutenant colonel and serves with the 142 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, DE Air National Guard. His major focus areas are to improve interagency coordination, international collaboration, and crisis response planning for contingency operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. He has 27 years of leadership experience in interagency coordination, national security policy, disaster risk management, communications and information systems, logistics readiness, program management, security forces, legislative affairs, safety, counter-insurgency, crisis response planning, and operations. 

Evans was handpicked by the chief of office of Defense Representative Pakistan to lead U.S. military coordination with Pakistan Government in response to the 2010 monsoon flood disaster that affected 20 million people. Following service as chief of current operations, he was the liaison to Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority and to U.S. Agency for International Development. Evans was responsible for liaison support to USAID, to ensure improved coordination with ODRP and Pakistan military on development projects focused on creating a stable environment for the Pakistan people to live and work. He advised the Chief of ODRP, the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, and Commander, USCENTCOM on ways the DoD could best support strengthening of Pakistan’s capacity to prepare for and respond to disasters. His five-years of deployed service includes one tour in Afghanistan, two tours in Iraq and three tours in Pakistan. He served as a lead member of the U.S. disaster response force for both Hurricane Katrina and the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck the disputed Kashmir region of Pakistan in 2005.