Erica Fischer

Oregon State University

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Erica Fischer’s research interests revolve around innovative approaches to improve the resilience and robustness of structural systems affected by natural and man-made hazards. This includes performance-based design approaches of structural systems to decrease the environmental impact of the built environment on the natural environment. Fischer’s focus is on steel and composite systems and connections. These research interests are implemented through both large-scale experimental testing and numerical modeling approaches.

Fischer is a member of a number of committees including the American Society of Civil Engineers/Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE/SERI) Fire Protection Committee and ASCE/SEI Sustainability Committee. She has been a member of a number of post-earthquake reconnaissance team missions including Haiti (2010), Napa (2014), and Italy (2016), and led a multi-disciplinary team to investigate the performance of critical infrastructure in Paradise, CA after the 2018 Camp Fire.