Gregory Vigneaux

California State University, Long Beach

Gregory Vigneaux is a researcher and educator working in disaster and emergency management. He is focused on developing theory driven methods to help industry reduce their contribution to disaster risk and assist emergency and disaster management organizations with the creation of lasting shared value. Central to Gregory’s ongoing work is an intention toward designing participatory and sustainable processes within complex systems. His work is supported by study in areas such as design and process theory, complex systems science, and philosophy.

While working as a practitioner, Gregory earned a master's in emergency services administration and a bachelor's in wildland fire management. Before focusing on academia, Gregory served as a wildland firefighter for the National Park Service and United States Forest Service Interagency Hotshot Crews. Experience as a wildland firefighter provided Gregory with the opportunity to suppress and manage wildland fires in fourteen states. More recently, he has worked as a research consultant for the emergency management graduate program at California State University, Long Beach. He is presently participating in the development of ADAPT, a higher education program for emergency and disaster management practitioners, and reviving and redirecting the disaster timelines project. Gregory has been presented with awards as a wildland firefighter for federal land management agencies and in the academy for the movement of theory to practice.