John Vargo

University of Canterbury

John Vargo is a senior researcher and co-leader of the Resilient Organisations Research Programme based at the University of Canterbury. His interests focus on building organizational resilience in the face of systemic insecurity in a complex and interconnected world. The ResOrgs group has been researching organizational resilience since 2004 and has been heavily involved in related research following the 2010-2011 series of devastating earthquakes that hit Christchurch, New Zealand. This research has looked at the impacts of the earthquakes on organizations and economic sectors and the application of the ResOrgs 13 indicator resilience model to systemic recovery. Other recent research projects have focused on the resilience of critical infrastructure organizations in Australia and New Zealand and the keystone role they play in the resilience of a community and a nation. Vargo's research interests are in organizational resilience, information security, risk management, and strategic planning.