Kayode Atoba

Texas A&M University

Kayode Atoba is a doctoral candidate in the urban and regional science program at Texas A&M University and a graduate research assistant with the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores. He is also an instructor in the geography department at South Dakota State University. Atoba’s research has evolved to encompass three major themes: modeling built environment impacts of flood hazards, measuring the effectiveness of flood mitigation methods, and planning new towns for hazard resiliency. He is also involved in interdisciplinary hazards research of the flood risk reduction project in the Galveston Bay region of Texas, where he models the direct economic impact of storm surge events. Atoba’s doctoral research examines the role of landscape alteration and structural mitigation techniques in changing flood damage dynamics. Some of Atoba’s current research projects include residential flood risk reduction strategies of new towns in the Netherlands and suburban U.S. communities, and integrating hydrological and built environment data into flood damage estimation. Atoba’s future research agenda is to evaluate inland and coastal land reclamation methods around the world, and propose the best practices for the United States. 

Atoba holds a master’s degree in geographic information systems from Sam Houston State University and a bachelor’s degree in urban and regional planning from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. A fellow of the Bill Anderson Fund, Atoba is motivated by activities which promote opportunities for underrepresented groups, as well as community service platforms.