Ksenia Chmutina

Loughborough University

I am a political and social scientist working in the context of construction industry, urban planning and the built environment. Through a portfolio of research projects  and collaborative initiatives with governmental and non-governmental organisations and communities, I focus on the integration of proactive multi-hazard mitigation strategies into the decision-making processes of key stakeholders. My research aims to enhance the understanding of the systemic implications of sustainability and resilience under the pressures of urbanisation and climate change and to draw attention to the fact that disasters are not natural. My research mainly comprises location-based case studies and systemic policy analysis; it brings together quantitative and qualitative research and participatory methods to generate transdisciplinary understanding in the areas of sustainability, resilience, and policy in the context of urban environment. I have conducted research in the UK, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, China, the Caribbean, and across Europe. A well-documented track record of publications and external activities provides testament to the internationally recognised quality of my work. I am a co-author of a textbook ‘Disaster Risk Reduction for the Built Environment’ (Wiley, 2017), a Joint Coordinator of the CIB W120 ‘Disasters and the Built Environment’, and a co-host of a podcast ‘Disasters: Deconstructed’.