Laura M. Stough

Texas A&M University

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Laura Stough is associate professor of educational psychology, assistant director at the Center for Disability and Development, and a faculty fellow at the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at Texas A&M University. Stough’s current research focuses on the psychological and social effects of disaster on individuals with disabilities. Stough is the author of over 50 academic publications, including the recently released book entitled Disaster and Disability: Explorations and Exchanges, which was co-edited with Ilan Kelman.

Stough directs Project REDD: Research and Evaluation on Disability and Disaster at the Center on Disability and Development and leads several ongoing research projects. Together with her students, Stough developed the mobile app Tips for First Responders, a just-in-time application for locating disability-related information and resources during disasters. Stough also serves on the Disability Task Force for the Office of Emergency Management for the State of Texas and is Vice-President of the National Training Directors Council of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, as well as Chair of the Special Interest Group on Emergency Preparedness for the same organization. During 2005, while on sabbatical from Texas A&M University, Stough served as a Peace Corps Volunteer as part of the nationwide response to Hurricane Katrina.