Lucy Carter

Research Associate

Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis

Lucy Carter is a native of Christchurch, New Zealand. After her community was devastated by a series of earthquakes, she became involved in disaster recovery efforts there and was employed as a project coordinator for small indigenous businesses for her Māori tribe, Ngāi Tahu. In 2014, she received a Fulbright Scholarship to travel to the United States to advance her education. She ultimately received her M.A. from the Department of Sociology at Colorado State University under the supervision of Lori Peek. This article is grounded in findings from Carter’s 2016 Master’s thesis, “An Investigation of United States Policy Attempts to Reduce American Indian and Alaska Native Disaster Vulnerability.” In addition to her thesis research, Lucy is also contributing to several projects as a research associate at the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis (CDRA) at Colorado State University.