Michelle Meyer

Assistant Professor

Louisiana State University

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Michelle Meyer is an assistant professor of sociology at Louisiana State University. Before this, she was a post-doc researcher with the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at Texas A&M University. She completed a PhD in sociology at Colorado State University and a bachelor's in sociology from Murray State University. She is a Next Generation of Hazard and Disasters Researchers Fellow and an Early Career Research Fellow with the Gulf Research Program 2016. Her research interests include environmental sociology and community sustainability, disaster resilience and mitigation, climate change displacement, environmental justice, and the interplay between environmental conditions and social vulnerability. She has worked on many funded projects, including analyzing governmental and nonprofit networks in long-term recovery, assessing variation in use of social media by population groups during disasters, assessing earthquake protective action messaging in Haiti, comparing disaster recovery following technological and natural disasters, assessing the inclusion of disability in emergency management planning, studying energy efficient building practices, analyzing social capital and collective efficacy for individual and community resilience, and developing participatory GIS activities to assess environmental and climate justice in marginalized communities.