Minna Lundgren

Mid Sweden University

Minna Lundgren received her PhD in Sociology from Mid Sweden University in Östersund, Sweden. In her research Lundgren focuses on risk communication at national and local levels, from both sender and recipient perspectives. Since April 2018 she is conducting a postdoctoral project funded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency where she through the use of experimental methods aims to explore how different groups of people understand risk communication and how they later on act to prevent risks or to mitigate the effects of a crisis or hazard at the personal level. Together with colleagues from the Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) at Mid Sweden University, Lundgren recently completed a study on risk communication strategies in eight EU countries.

Lundgren holds a position as assistant professor in Sociology at the Department of Social Science and is a member of the RCR at Mid Sweden University. She is also director for the undergraduate program in Risk and Crisis Management (major in Sociology) at Mid Sweden University. She is an elected member of the regional ethical vetting committee in Umeå, Sweden. Lundgren has several years of experience of doing fieldwork in conflicted areas in the Caucasus, with a focus on internal displacement and migration connected to the conflict in Abkhazia, Republic of Georgia.