Oronde Drakes

U.S. Geological Survey

Oronde Drakes is a doctoral student in geography at the University of Iowa and a Bill Anderson Fund Fellow. Drakes holds a master's of environmental hazards and geographic information systems from Coventry University and a bachelor's in geography from the University of Guyana. Drakes's previous work focused on flood vulnerability mapping and the impact of sea level rise on the coastal defenses of the Demerara-Mahaica region of Guyana. Drakes has worked as a geographic information systems consultant and hazard specialist for international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and Guyana’s national hazard management agency. He also lectured part-time in the school of earth and environmental sciences and school of education and humanities at the University of Guyana.

Drakes’s current research examines the integration of qualitative data and methods into social vulnerability index construction. His work investigates the human–environment interactions that produce social vulnerability in multi-hazard settings, the relationship between multi-hazard exposure and susceptibility, and accounting for such interactions in social vulnerability indices. A second branch of inquiry investigates the relationship between social vulnerability and federal disaster assistance programs.