Sissel Haugdal Jore

University of Stavanger

Sissel Jore is the center manager of the Centre for Risk Management and Societal Safety and an associate professor at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Norway. Currently, Jore is a visiting scholar at the University of Colorado at Boulder for 12 months. Jore holds a PhD in societal safety and risk management from the UiS. Her main research topics are terrorism, counterterrorism, security risk management, risk perception, conceptualizations of risk, discourse analysis, critical terrorism studies, terrorism emergency preparedness, and crisis management. Jore has developed and taught several university courses on the topic of security at both the bachelor's and master's level. Jore is currently elected as the chair of the security defense group in Society of Research Administrators International, and she is elected member of the Nordic Society for Risk Analysis. Additionally, Jore is the head of the security-technical committee of the European Survey Research Association for risk analysis in Europe.