Stacia Ryder

Utah State University

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Stacia Ryder is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at Colorado State University. Currently, Ryder serves as the assistant editor for the Society & Natural Resources Journal. In addition, she is a co-principal investigator for Environmental Justice CSU, a School of Global Environmental Sustainability Global Challenges Research team and a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis.

In general, Ryder is interested in resource extraction, environmental sociology, sociology of disasters, and the unequal distribution of costs and benefits in the context of these focal areas. More specifically, her research focuses on the social impacts and potential risks of unconventional oil and gas development. Her most recent research project evaluates local regulations of oil and gas development in the Colorado Front Range, and is supported through the Center for Collaborative Conservation Fellows Program. She has authored and co-authored several papers related to policy and risks related to oil and gas development, particularly hydraulic fracturing.