William Nicholson

Emergency Law Consultants

William Nicholson is a nationally known expert in homeland security law and policy. He served in the department of criminal justice at North Carolina Central University. At Widener University’s School of Law, he created a course entitled “Terrorism and Emergency Law” and taught a “Homeland Security Law and Policy” course at University of Delaware. He was previously employed as general counsel to the Indiana State Emergency Management Agency, Indiana Department of Fire and Building Services, and Public Safety Training Institute. Nicholson is a member of the editorial boards for Best Practices in Emergency Services: Today's Tips for Tomorrow's Success as well as the Journal of Emergency Management. Notable publications include: Emergency Response and Emergency Management Law, Second Edition. 2012. CC Thomas Publisher, Homeland Security Law and Policy. 2005. CC Thomas Publisher, Emergency Planning and Potential Liabilities for State and Local Governments. 2007. State and Local Government Review; Emergency Management Legal Issues. 2007. International City Management Association (ICMA) publication Emergency Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government; Emergency Management and Law. 2007. In Disciplines, Disasters and Emergency Management. CC Thomas Publisher; invited chapter in McGraw-Hill Handbook of Homeland Security entitled Legal Issues for Businesses in Responding to Terrorist Events 2006; Seeking Consensus on Homeland Security Standards: Adopting the National Response Plan and the National Incident Management System. 2006. Widener Law Review; and Legal Issues in Emergency Response to Terrorism Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials: The Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (“HAZWOPER”) Standard, Standard Operating Procedures, Mutual Aid and the Incident Command System. 2003. Widener Symposium Law Journal. Nicholson received his bachelor's from Reed College Portland, OR and Juris Doctor from Washington and Lee University School of Law.