Zoe Lefkowitz

University of Colorado Boulder

Contact Info

Zoe Lefkowitz is a PhD student in the sociology department at the University of Colorado Boulder and a graduate research assistant at the Natural Hazards Center. Their research interests broadly include gender and sexuality, identity construction and language, social inequalities, and law and social policy. They also have an interest in and passion for both the environment and people's relationship with it.

Lefkowitz’s current research explores how gender non-conforming adults navigate their gender performance. Their previous research includes exploring the practical and theoretical implications of the "third gender" or "gender x" policies implemented in the United States between the years 2017 and 2019. Lefkowitz has also done collaborative work on projects concerning the effects of COVID-19 on the gendered division of labor with Dr. Rachel Rinaldo at the University of Colorado Boulder and on patient experiences with the contraceptive device Essure with Dr. Valerie Leiter at Simmons University. Lefkowitz graduated with a B.A. in both sociology and philosophy from Simmons University in 2019.