Natural Hazards Center Library

Library Services

The staff of the Natural Hazards Center can provide customized, comprehensive literature searches of the entire library document collection. They can also provide customized research using the library collection. These fee-based services are described below. Prepayment is required.

Bibliographic Search

The charge for a bibliographic search is $40 an hour. After consulting with the requester, a staff member will search the database and generate a list of the results. Rarely do these activities take more than an hour. Results can either be emailed or sent by third class mail. For an additional fee the results can be sent by first class mail, Federal Express, or provided on a CD.

Custom Research

Staff are also available to conduct research at the rate of $100 an hour. This service is available to requesters who have specific questions they wish answered using the extensive materials available in the Center's collection. Additional shipping options are the following:

  1. Federal Express delivery is available for hard copy or CD. Contact the Natural Hazards Center at the address below for the cost.
  2. First Class/Air Mail is available for hard copy or CD with shipping charges of $5.00 domestic or $7.50 international.

Photocopy and Faxing Services

The Natural Hazards Center Library is not a lending library. However, if a requestor wishes, the Center (subject to copyright laws and conventions) will copy otherwise difficult to obtain material for the cost of reproduction and shipping. There is a base charge of $10.00 for this service; copies cost an additional $.20/page, plus shipping charges depending on the total number of pages.

The cost of faxing items is $2 per page domestic and $3 per page international.

Payment Arrangements

Prepayment for all of these services is required. Checks must be made payable to the University of Colorado (in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank). Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are also accepted. Because the total charge for providing the custom search may not be known until the work is completed, it is recommended that the requestors pay with a credit card and authorize the center to make charges to their account up to a certain amount (the minimum authorization would be $40).

For more information or to request these services, contact:

Natural Hazards Center Library
University of Colorado
482 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0482
Phone: (303) 492-5787
Fax: (303) 492-2151