Mitigation Matters Research Program


The Mitigation Matters Research Program is supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through supplementary funding to the National Science Foundation (Award #1635593).

The Natural Hazards Center would like to thank Michael Grimm, Angela Gladwell, Jamie Leigh Price, and Nicholas Shufro at FEMA for their vision and support in creating this program, as well as their leadership in natural hazards mitigation.

We would also like to acknowledge several mitigation research experts who helped shape the early direction of this award program:

Philip Berke
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

John Cooper
Texas A&M University

Ann-Margaret Esnard
Georgia State University

Marccus Hendricks
University of Maryland

Michael Lindell
University of Washington

Gavin Smith
North Carolina State University

Yang Zhang
Virginia Tech

Finally, we appreciate those researchers and practitioners who work tirelessly to reduce risk and enhance community well-being. Thank you for making mitigation matter.