Puerto Rico: One Community at a Time / Una comunidad a la vez

Get an inside look at risk communication and disaster preparedness in action in this documentary film about "One Community at a Time / Una comunidad a la vez" in Puerto Rico.

Full Length Film (10 minutes)

Short Film (3 minutes)

Project Partners:

Communities and residents of Utuado

Maria Viruet Napoleón, Centro Cultural Jesús María Muñoz

Gisela Báez Sánchez, Puerto Rico Seismic Network

Luis (Kike) E. Lafontaine Martell, Utuado a Puro Color

Communities and residents of Morovis

José Santos Valderrama, Proyecto Cabachuelas

Carlos Figueroa Robles, Proyecto Cabachuelas

Rafael Eustaquio, Artist

Project Team Members:

Lorna G. Jaramillo Nieves, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, geologist (project lead/workshop facilitator)

Erin Lecky, CIRES, University of Colorado Boulder, geologist/education specialist (grant manager/education advisor/logistics coordinator)

Ryan Vachon, CSTPR, University of Colorado Boulder, geologist, filmmaker (film producer/creative director)

Jocelyn West, Graduate Research Assistant, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder, Sociology PhD student (project workshop co-facilitator/website content manager/social science advisor)

Lindsay Davis, Natural Hazards Mission Area, U.S. Geological Survey, disaster scientist (grant lead/project manager/workshop co-facilitator)

Fernando Briones, CSTPR, University of Colorado Boulder, anthropologist (grant writer/social science project advisor)

Special thanks to Jonathan Godt, U.S. Geological Survey and Lori Peek, Director, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder

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