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Hurricane Harvey

NOAA's GOES-East satellite shows Hurricane Harvey on August 24 while still in tropical storm status. Credit: NOAA/NASA GOES Project, 2017.

Ever since Hurricane Harvey barreled toward Texas, we've been gathering resources that could be helpful to those seeking further information on hurricanes and other extreme coastal weather events. The following is a collection of select new sources. Please also see our listings for websites and reports and local academic expertise.

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Harvey in Louisiana
Harvey in Texas
Lori Peek on Hurricane Harvey
Impacts on the Oil Industry
Vulnerable Populations
Communication/Social Media
State and Federal Response and Recovery
Volunteer, Humantarian, and Business Response
Insurance and Disaster Assistance Claims
Storm Dynamics
Economic and Infrastructure Impacts
Environmental Impacts
Public Health
Displacement, Migration, and Immigration
Planning and the Social Dimensions of Disaster
Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change
Prediction Scenarios
Associated Flooding
Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall
Animals in Disasters
Hurricane Harvey: News Before Landfall
News Releases and Statements

Harvey in Louisiana

With Death Toll at 30, Storm Makes 2nd Landfall
New York Times, August 30.

Gulf Coast Braces for More Rain as Harvey Makes Second Landfall
Los Angeles Times, August 30.

Harvey in Texas

Coastal Vietnamese Community Leans On Faith, And Each Other, To Rebuild After Harvey
NPR, September 9.

In Houston After the Storm, a City Split in Two
The New York Times, September 8.

IoT’s Role in Natural Disasters like Harvey
IoT for all, September 5.

Human Toll of Harvey Comes Into View as Waters Recede
The New York Times, September 2.

Hurricane Harvey: Beyond the City Limits
The Daily Yonder, August 29.

Harvey’s Staggering Impact: Up to 30 Percent of Harris County, Home to Houston, is Under Water
Washington Post, August 29.

Water Tops Spillways At Houston Dams As Harvey Drifts Toward Louisiana
NPR, August 29.

Major Dam Overflows for First Time as More Rain Dumps Onto Flood-Weary Texas
Los Angeles Times, August 29.

Harvey, Now a Tropical Storm, Carves a Path of Destruction Through Texas
New York Times, August 28.

Harvey May Force 30,000 People into Shelters While Flooding Will Linger, Officials Warn
Washington Post, August 28.

At Least One Person Killed As 'Catastrophic' Floods Inundate Houston
NPR, August 27.

Hurricane Harvey Death Toll Rises as Houston Faces 'Historic' Flooding
The Guardian, August 27.

Damage Toll from Hurricane Harvey Mounts as Rescue Workers Strive to Reach Stranded Communities
Los Angeles Times, August 26.

Hurricane Harvey Strikes a Powerful Blow to Texas, and Lingers
New York Times, August 26.

Natural Hazards Center Director Lori Peek on Hurricane Harvey

Harvey’s Impact On Students Could Be Felt ‘For Generations’
Huffington Post, August 30.

Protecting the Vulnerable in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
KGNU, August , August 29.

Hurricane Harvey Impacts on the Oil Industry

In Harvey's Wake, Critics See Big Money Behind Lax Petrochemical Reporting
The Texas Tribune, September 7.

Harvey's Damage in Heart of Texas Oil Country Creates Quandary for Congress
Inside Climate News, August 30.

Harvey’s Toll on Energy Industry Shows a Texas Vulnerability
New York Times, August 29.

Shell, Exxon Say Some Pollution Released as Storm Hits Texas
Seattle Times, August 29.

Hurricane Harvey Aims for the Texas Fracking Boom’s Favorite Port
Grist, August 25.

Hurricane Harvey Threatens Vital Texas Energy Hub
CNN, August 25.

Vulnerable Populations

How Humans Make Disasters Worse
Time, August 31.

Older Victims of Hurricane Harvey May Need Special Attention as Texas Recovers
The Conversation, August 29.

It Was an Uneasy Time for Immigrants in Texas. Then the Rains Came.
New York Times, August 29

Women Are More at Risk From Disasters Like Hurricane Harvey
Newsweek, August 29.

A Catastrophe for Houston’s Most Vulnerable People
The Atlantic, August 27.

Fear of Deportation Could Keep Texans from Evacuating for Harvey
Vox, August 25.

Communication/Social Media

Why Social Media Apps Should Be in Your Disaster Kit
The Conversation, September 8.

The Media Today: Harvey and Climate Change, a Discussion Worth Having
Columbia Journalism Review, August 30.

Social Media Proves to be a Positive Force in Flooded Texas
Mashable, August 30

Viral Tweets Are Helping Some People Find Help in Houston. Social Media Can Do Much Better.
Slate, August 29.

Hurricane Harvey Is Testing Our Ability To Communicate Natural Disaster Risks
Huffington Post, August 29.

In Houston, Pleas for Help Go Out Over Social Media: 'Please Send Help. 911 Is Not Responding'
Los Angeles Times, August 28.

TS Harvey Victims, Don't Share Viral National Guard Social Media Message
Houston Chronicle, August 27.

As the Water Rose, This Houston TV station Fought to Stay On-Air
Poynter, August 27.

State and Federal Response and Recovery

Legacy of Harvey and Irma Turns on FEMA’s Post-Disaster Response
Brink,*September 15.

Will Trump Direct FEMA to Fund Churches Hit by Hurricanes?
The Atlantic, September 11.

In Texas, Distrust of Washington Collides With Need for Federal Aid
The New York Times, September 4.

What Victims of Hurricane Harvey Can Learn From Katrina as Rebuilding Begins
The Conversation, September 4.

How Government Policy Exacerbates Hurricanes like Harvey
The Economist, September 2.

Trump's Proposed Budget Cuts Could Undermine Harvey Relief Efforts
NPR, August 29.

Texas Governor Praises Federal Response to Devastating Hurricane
Politico, August 27.

Here’s When Trump’s Response to Hurricane Harvey will really matter
Vox, August 27

Trump Meets with Cabinet About Hurricane Harvey Response and Recovery Efforts
Washington Examiner, August 26.

Trump’s Focus on Hurricane Harvey Intensifies as Monster Storm Pounds Texas
Washington Post, August 26

New, Respected FEMA Chief Faces First Major Challenge With Hurricane Harvey
NPR, Augst 25

Trump Administration Faces Hurricane Harvey, Its First Major Natural Disaster
New York Times, August 25.

Hurricane Harvey Looms, and So Do Trump Cuts to Weather Research
Newsweek, August 25.

Texas Braces for Hurricane Harvey as Trump Administration Faces a Major Test
The Guardian, August 25.

Volunteer, Humantarian, and Business Response

A Makeshift Army, Marching on Adrenaline
Washington Post, September 2.

As Skies Clear Over Houston, a Nation Takes Stock
The Christian Science Monitor, August 30.

Disaster Relief Agencies Ready to Help Harvey Victims, But They Can’t Get In
Washington Post, August 30.

'We Ain’t Doing No Damn Good': Volunteer Rescuers Struggle in Houston
The Guardian, August 30.

Closed Houston Airports Become Home Base for Humanitarian Flights
CNN, August 29.

Why Ordinary Citizens Are Acting as First Responders in Houston
The Atlantic, August 28.

Hurricane Harvey: How to Help Victims of the Texas storm
Houston Chronicle, August 27.

Insurance and Disaster Assistance Claims

Hurricanes, Flood Insurance and the Dangers of ‘Business as Usual’
The Conversation, September 19.

Harvey’s Lessons for Flood Insurance and Resilience
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, August 31.

New Texas Law Means Harvey Victims Have Good Reason to File Claims by Friday
Texas Tribune, August 28.

Most Homes in Tropical Storm Harvey's Path Don't Have Flood Insurance
CNN, August 26


Why Didn't Officials Order The Evacuation Of Houston?
NPR, August 28.

Thousands of Texas Inmates Evacuated From Prisons Ahead of Floods
New York Times, August 26.

Abbott Advises Houstonians to Evacuate; Local Officials Disagree
Houston Chronicle, August 25.

Why Do Some People Decide to Ride Out Hurricanes?
The Atlantic, August 25.

Hurricane Harvey: Evacuations Under Way as Storm Heads for Texas
The Guardian, August 25.

Fear of Deportation Could Keep Texans from Evacuating for Harvey Vox, August 25.

Amid Hurricane Harvey threat, Decision to Order Evacuation Can be a Difficult One
USA TODAY, August 24.

Storm Dynamics

Powerful Storms Raise Questions About The Science Of Hurricanes
NPR, September 7.

Harvey Is a 1,000-Year Flood Event Unprecedented in Scale
The Washington Post, August 31.

Seven 'Big Picture' Questions About Tropical Storm Harvey Answered
Forbes, August 30.

What Made the Rain in Hurricane Harvey So Extreme?
The Conversation, August 29.

Harvey Almost Certainly the Biggest US Flood-Producing Storm
Space City Weather, August 28.

How Did Hurricane Harvey Get So Strong?
The Verge, August 25.

As Hurricane Harvey Arrives, Here Are Areas Likely to Flood
Houston Chronicle, August 25.

Life-Threatening' Hurricane Harvey Strengthens to Category 4 as Texans Flee
Chicago Tribune, August 25.

Harvey Upgraded to Category 3 Hurricane, ‘Catastrophic’ Flooding Expected in Texas
Washington Post, August 25.

Economic and Infrastructure Impacts

Don't Buy The Hype. Most Houston Businesses Closed By Harvey Will Reopen
Forbes, August 31.

World in No Rush to Offer Trump Help Post-Harvey
Politico, August 31.

Harvey’s Hidden Side Effect
New Republic, August 30.

Is Texas Ready for Hurricane Harvey?
The Atlantic, August 24.

Environmental Impacts

AP Exclusive: Evidence of Spills at Toxic Site During Floods
Miami Herald, September 18.

Missing EPA Report Warned of Flooding at Superfund Dumps
Greenwire, September 18.

Houston’s Floodwaters Are Tainted, Testing Shows
The New York Times, September 11.

AP EXCLUSIVE: Toxic Waste Sites Flooded, EPA Not on Scene
Star-Telegram, September 2.

A Chemical Plant Catches Fire After Harvey Flooding
The Atlantic, August 31.

Explosions and Black Smoke Reported at Chemical Plant
The New York Times, August 30.

Worries about a Galveston Bio-Lab, August 30.

Harvey Triggers 'Unbearable' Pollution as Refineries Spew Cancer-Causing Chemicals
Common Dreams, August 29.

Cost of Cleaning Up Harvey Will Bring New Test of Governance for Trump and GOP
Washington Post, August 28.

Hurricane Harvey Could Also Be a Major Pollution Disaster
New Republic, August 25.

Public Health

The Mental Health Impact of Major Disasters Like Harvey and Irma
The Conversation, September 11.

Houston’s Hospitals Treat Storm Victims and Become Victims Themselves
The New York Times, August 28.

Our Many Fears of Hurricane Harvey
The New Yorker, August 26

Displacement, Migration, and Immigration

Hurricanes Drive Immigration to the US
The Conversation, September 15.


20,000 Stuck at Sea in Cruise Ships as Galveston Hunkers Down for Hurricane Harvey
Houston Chronicle, August 25.

Planning and the Social Dimensions of Disaster

Don’t Blame Climate Change for the Hurricane Harvey Disaster – Blame Society
The Conversation, August 29.

Boomtown, Floodtown
Texas Tribune with Propublica, December 2016.

Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

Damage from Hurricane Irma, Harvey Add to Growing U.S. Costs of Climate Change
Inside Climate News, September 11.

Four Underappreciated Ways that Climate Change Could Make Hurricanes Even Worse
The Washington Post, September 11.

The Science Behind the U.S.’s Strange Hurricane ‘Drought’ — and Its Sudden End
The Washington Post, September 7.

What Hurricane Harvey Says About Risk, Climate and Resilience
The Conversation, September 1.

Conservative Groups Shrug Off Link Between Tropical Storm Harvey and Climate Change
The Guardian, August 30.

EPA Says Climate Scientists Trying to 'Politicize' Texas Storm
Reuters, August 29.

How Climate Change Fueled Hurricane Harvey
Wired, August 29.

Michael Mann Editorial: It's a Fact: Climate Change Made Hurricane Harvey More Deadly
The Guardian, August 28.

The Relationship Between Hurricanes and Climate Change
New York Times, August 25.

What You Can and Can’t Say About Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey
Washington Post, August 25.

Prediction Scenarios

Hell and High Water
ProPublica, March 3, 2016.

Houston's Perfect Storm
The Atlantic, March 4, 2016.

Associated Flooding

Water Damage From Hurricane Harvey Extended Far Beyond Flood Zone
The New York Times, September 1.

What 500-Year Flooding Could Look Like Around Five Cities
Washington Post, August 30.

Catastrophic Flooding Underway in Houston and ‘Expected to worsen’
Washington Post, August 26.

Harvey’s Incredible Rainfall Expected to Produce Record Flooding in Southeast Texas
Washington Post, August 26.

Animals in Disasters

In Cities and on Ranches, Planning is Key to Protect Animals During Disasters
The Conversation, September 4.

Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall

At Least One Dead, Buildings Destroyed as Hurricane Harvey Drenches Central Texas Coast
Washington Post, August 26.

Texas Cities Brace for 'Catastrophic Flooding' Under Hurricane Harvey
The Guardian, August 26.

Harvey’s Assault on Texas Is Just Getting Started, Disastrous Inland Flooding Expected
Washington Post, August 26.

Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall Near Corpus Christi, Tex.
New York Times, August 25.

Hurricane Harvey: News Before Landfall

Washington Post Live Coverage
Washington Post, August 25.

Associated Press Live Coverage
Associated Press, August 25.

Texas in Direct Path of Suddenly Intensifying, ‘Astounding’ Hurricane Harvey
Washington Post, August 25.

News Releases and Statements

Explosions at Chemical Plant Following Hurricane Harvey Highlight Need to Step Up Prevention and Preparedness For Extreme Weather-Related Industrial Accidents
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, September 5.

FEMA’s National Glood Insurance Program Enhances the Flood Claims and Extends Grace Period for Policy Renewals
Federal Emergency Management Agency, September 4.

The Road to Recovery: The federal family’s coordinated efforts to support survivors in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
Federal Emergency Management Agency, September 2.

FEMA Urges Residents to Remain Vigilant; Follow Local Officials’ Instructions
Federal Emergency Management Agency, August 27.

HHS Secretary Price Declares Public Health Emergency in Response to Hurricane Harvey
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, August 26.

Many Texas Beaches Likely to Erode, Be Overwashed, or Inundated by Hurricane Harvey
U.S. Geological Survey, August 24.