News Articles on the 2017 Mexico Earthquakes

Mexico City

Rescuers use dogs to search the rubble for survivers after a 7.1 quake struck Mexico City on September 19.©Hazael R, 2017.

We've been gathering resources that could be helpful to those seeking further information on the recent earthquakes in Mexico and other geological events. Please also see our listings for websites and reports.

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Earthquakes in Mexico
Rescue Efforts
Economic and Infrastructure Impacts
Vulnerable Populations
Public Health
Earthquake Forcast and Warning Systems
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Earthquakes in Mexico

Mexican Family Mourns 11 Dead After Church Falls at Baptism
The New York Times, September 20.

More Than 200 Killed as Powerful 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Central Mexico
Los Angeles Times, September 20.

Strong Earthquake Shakes Mexico, Killing More Than 200 People
The Washington Post, September 20.

Mexico Earthquake Kills Hundreds, Trapping Many Under Rubble
The New York Times, September 19.

Death Toll in Mexico Quake Rises to 58 as Frantic Search for Victims Continues
Los Angeles Times, September 8.

Rescue Efforts

Leveled Mexican Town Digs for Survivors. ‘Can You Tell Me if My Dad’s O.K.?’
The New York Times, September 9.

Economic and Infrastructure Impacts

Mexico Earthquake Crumbles Concrete Buildings, Sending Deadly Warning to California
Los Angeles Times, September 22.

Mexico City's Notoriously Soft Soil Probably Contributed to Destruction from 7.1 Earthquake
Los Angeles Times, September 19.

Vulnerable Populations

While Wealthy Mexicans Swamped by Quake Aid, Poor Feel Abandoned
Reuters, September 24.

Public Health

Battered Puerto Rico Hospitals on Life Support After Hurricane Maria
Reuters, September 25.

Earthquake Forecast and Warning Systems

In Earthquakes, Just a Few Seconds of Warning Could Save Lives
The Washington Post, September 22.

Mexico Has Some Earthquake Lessons for the United States
The New York Times,n September 22.

California Today: Mexico Has a Quake Warning System. Where is California’s?
The New York Times, September 21.

The United States Needs an Earthquake Warning System Already
Wired, September 20.

The Smartphone App That Tells You An Earthquake Is About to Hit
The Atlantic, September 19.

Seismologists Hope to Create Earthquake Forecasts for California, Using Small Temblors to Warn of Big Ones
Los Angeles Times, September 11.