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Hurricane Maria

A NOAA's GOES-16 satellite image shows Hurricane Maria approaching Florida while the smaller Hurricane Lee hovers over the open Atlantic on Sept 25, 2017. Credit: NOAA/NASA GOES Project, 2017.

We've been gathering resources that could be helpful to those seeking further information on hurricanes and other extreme coastal weather events. The following is a collection of select new sources. Please also see our listings for websites and reports.

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Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands
State and Federal Response and Recovery
Presidential Response
Guajataca Dam Threat
Vulnerable Populations
Economic and Infrastructure Impacts
Environmental Impacts
Volunteer, Humantarian, and Business Response
Insurance and Disaster Assistance Claims
Displacement, Migration, and Immigration
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News Releases and Statements

Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans Ask: When Will the Lights Come Back On?
The New York Times, October 19.

In Puerto Rico, Generators Divide Those With And Those Without
NPR, October 15.

Puerto Rico Aid is Trapped in Thousands of Shipping Containers
CNN, September 28.

Trump Waives Jones Act for Puerto Rico, Easing Hurricane Aid Shipments
The New York Times, September 28.

White House is Restricting Lawmakers From Visiting Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Aides Say
The Washington Post, September 27.

US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands: The American Citizens Battered by Hurricane Maria – and Forgotten
The Guardian, October 8.


Island of Vieques Remains Isolated and Silent Since Hurricane Maria Hit Puerto Rico
The Washington Post, September 25.

'Thousands of People Could Die’: 70,000 in Puerto Rico Urged to Evacuate with Dam in ‘Imminent’ Danger
The Washington Post, September 22.

State and Federal Response and Recovery

Puerto Rico: US Officials Privately Acknowledge Serious Food Shortage
The Guardian, October 11.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Crisis Worsens: Here's Why this Could be Trump's Katrina
Mashable, September 27.

So Many Storms: After Harvey and Irma, Can a Thinly Stretched FEMA Come Through for Puerto Rico?
Los Angeles Times, September 27.

FEMA Chief: Feds 'Working Tirelessly Around the Clock' to Aid in Maria Recovery
The Hill, September 26.

In San Juan, 'the Aftermath is Almost More Horrific than the Actual Passing of the Hurricane Itself'
Los Angeles Times, September 26.

Trump Administration Facing Pressure to Speed up Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico
The Washington Post, September 25.

FEMA Has Money to Spend in Puerto Rico, but Congress Will Need to Act Soon
McClatchy DC Bureau, September 22.

Puerto Rico, Ravaged by Hurricane Maria and Still Without Power, Receives Aid from NY Delegation
CNBC, September 22.

Legacy of Harvey and Irma Turns on FEMA’s Post-Disaster Response
Brink, September 15.

Presidential Response

Trump Threatens to Abandon Puerto Rico Recovery Effort
The Washington Post, October 12.

Trump’s Puerto Rico Video Tells Positive Story but Leaves a Lot on Cutting-Room Floor
The Washington Post, October 10.

Trump Hails ‘Incredible’ Response in ‘Lovely’ Trip to Storm-Torn Puerto Rico
The Washington Post, October 3.

Trump Lobs Praise, and Paper Towels, to Puerto Rico Storm Victims
The New York Times, October 3.

Lost Weekend: How Trump’s Time at his Golf Club Hurt the Response to Maria
The Washington Post, September 29.

Why Does Trump Keep Praising the Emergency Response in Puerto Rico?
The Atlantic, September 29.

Trump Praises Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico, Discounting Complaints
Reuters, September 26.

Dems Urge Trump to Focus on Puerto Rico Recovery Amid NFL Criticism
The Hill, September 25.

The Latest: Trump Notes Puerto Rico Devastation _ and Debt
Statesman, September 25.

Trump Declares Puerto Rico is in ‘Deep Trouble’ as Questions Mount about his Commitment
The Washington Post, September 25.

Trump Is Ignoring Puerto Rico’s Suffering
Slate, September 25.

Trump Officials Sent to Puerto Rico
The Hill, September 25.

Guajataca Dam Threat

Puerto Rico Evacuates Area Near Crumbling Dam, Asks for Aid
Reuters, September 25.

Weakened Dam Looms as Latest Threat to Puerto Rico After Hurricane
Reuters, September 24.

Cracks in a Puerto Rican Dam Send Neighbors a Message: Leave Now
New York Times, September 23.

Vulnerable Populations

Hurricanes Expose Resilience Gap On Small Islands
Huffington Post, September 19.

Economic and Infrastructure Impacts

Small Montana Firm Lands Puerto Rico’s Biggest Contract to Get the Power Back On
The Washington Post, October 23.

Puerto Rico Fiscal Lifeline Included in $36.5 Billion Storm Bill
Bloomberg, October 11.

Puerto Rico’s Bankruptcy Will Make Hurricane Recovery Brutal – Here’s Why
The Conversation, September 25.

Power Crews Scramble to Puerto Rico After Maria Smashes Its Grid
Reuters, September 21.

Hurricane Maria Has Dealt a Heavy Blow to Puerto Rico’s Bankrupt Utility and Fragile Electric Grid
The Washington Post, September 20.

Environmental Impacts

Puerto Rico's Environmental Catastrophe
The Atlantic, October 18.

Volunteer, Humantarian, and Business Response

In Battered Puerto Rico, Governor Warns of a Humanitarian Crisis
New York Times, September25.

Insurance and Disaster Assistance Claims

Hurricanes, Flood Insurance and the Dangers of ‘Business as Usual’
The Conversation, September 19.

Displacement, Migration, and Immigration

‘Shrinking, Shrinking, Shrinking’: Puerto Rico Faces a Demographic Disaster
The Washington Post, October 18.

Puerto Ricans fleeing their hurricane-ravaged island are pouring into the U.S. mainland
Los Angeles Times, October 10.

Hurricanes Drive Immigration to the US
The Conversation, September 15.

Photo Collections

Disconnected by Disaster—Photos From a Battered Puerto Rico
The Atlantic, September 25.

News Releases and Statements

Voluntary and Non-Governmental Organizations Save Lives, Feed, and Support Survivors in U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico
Federal Emergency Management Agency, October 8.

Federal Response Teams Assisting in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
Federal Emergency Management Agency, September 24.