Abstract Formatting Guidelines


Please review the following guidelines before submitting your Poster Abstract or Research and Practice Highlight. Improperly formatted abstracts will not be accepted.

Author Names and Affiliations:

  • Include first name, last name, and primary organizational affiliation.
    Example: Jane Jones, University of Colorado Boulder (not Jane Jones, Department of Sociology).

  • Use consistent capitalization. Do not use acronyms. Example: Ahmad Aziz, Federal Emergency Management Agency (not AHMAD AZIZ, FEMA).

Abstract Titles:

  • Titles are limited to 12 words or less

  • Please use APA Title Case and capitalize nouns, verbs, and all other words of four letters or more.

Abstract Text:

  • Spell out all acronyms on first use and then use the acronym alone in subsequent instances.
    Example: The National Science Foundation (NSF) funded this research. Opinions expressed in this work are not necessarily the opinions of the NSF.

  • Do not include acronyms unless they will be referred to later in the text.

  • Include only one space between sentences.

  • Use the Oxford (serial) comma.

  • Spell out numbers one through nine, use numerals for 10 and above.

  • Do not include citations in abstracts.