Climate Security 101
The impact of climate change on national security might not be the most intuitive, but climate effects such as food shortages, extreme weather, and forced migration to more livable areas do cause social strife that can affect security. This project of the Center for Climate and Security answers many of the burning questions at the intersection of climate and security and lays out resources and documents that address the rest.

Migration for Memory: A Disaster Mitigation Framework for Cultural Resources
As anyone who has lived through flood, fire, or other disasters can attest, it’s the irreplaceable losses like documents, pictures, and keepsakes that cause the most heartbreak. The same is true for communities. Now comes this framework to give those safeguarding community treasures the tools they need to make sure cultural resources make it through. Everything from training to logistics to working with emergency managers is included, so take a look.

EMS Domestic Preparedness Improvement Strategy
Gaps in emergency medical service preparedness could mean life or death during a disaster, yet with so many distinct EMS agencies involved, it’s easy for cracks to appear. This report looks at four different categories necessary for effective EMS preparedness and outlines how they can be used to identify barriers to preparedness and create goals to overcome them.

Coping with Earthquakes Induced by Fluid Injection
As the practice of hydraulic fracturing has increased, scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey have been looking at ways to mitigate the damage caused by the manmade earthquakes that ensue. With that as a goal, this paper calls for transparency and data on the practices and chemicals being used in the so-called fracking industry.

The National Academies Climate Intervention Reports
Recently we crossed into what scientists believe is a point-of-no-return in regards to climate change. But hopefully that doesn’t mean we can’t move ahead. These two reports examine two possible solutions—carbon dioxide removal and reflecting sunlight to cool the earth. Read about the pros, the cons, and how much it might cost to undo a little of the damage.