Disaster Chaplain Training Course
March 5-6, 2015
National Disaster Interfaiths Network and The Beecken Center
Sewanee, Tennessee
Cost and Registration: $355, open until filled

This training course will prepare participants to volunteer as disaster chaplains in emergency situations. Topics include different phases of disasters, psychological first aid, disaster site operations, and effective self-care practices for caregivers. Completion of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Incident Command System IS 100 training course is required. Certified education credits are available by request.

Webinar Series
Business Continuity Institute Webinars
Business Continuity Institute
Cost and Registration: Free, membership required

This webinar series focuses on the importance of business continuity planning for better response to unforeseen events. Topics include planning for infectious disease outbreaks, creating comprehensive business continuity programs, analyzing geohazard risk assessments, and assessing emergency management plans.

Disaster Management Training Course
April 27 to May 1, 2015
Fordham University
London, England
Cost and Registration: $913, register before April 13

This stand-alone course from the Master’s in International Humanitarian Action program will provide students with an understanding of measures that reduce disaster risk and minimize impact. Topics include analyzing past disasters and subsequent management strategies, coordinating with operations and planning teams, and analyzing existing preparedness plans.