Keith Porter

Research Professor

University of Colorado Boulder

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Keith Porter is a research professor in structural engineering and structural mechanics at the University of Colorado Boulder and principal of the international risk consultancy called SPA Risk, LLC. He specializes in societal risk from natural disasters, seismic vulnerability of buildings, and second generation performance-based earthquake engineering. Notable projects include the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project, some fundamental works underlying the PEER methodology, the 4:1 benefit-cost analysis for the U.S. Congress, San Francisco Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety, and the engineering parts of the U.S. Geological Survey disaster planning scenarios, including ShakeOut, ARkStorm, SAFRR Tsunami, and HayWired. Porter also helps Fortune-1000 companies determine ways to do enterprise risk management for natural hazards. He is a licensed professional engineer and author of 180 scholarly and professional works.