The Natural Hazards Center is excited to announce the release of the first research reports from the Weather Ready Research Award Program. The program funds quick response research to help strengthen community preparedness for extreme weather, water, and climate events.

The first collection of reports from the program was funded in February 2021 with an emphasis on how the public receives, interprets, and responds to high-impact weather event information. Subsequent research solicited for the award series focused on research instrument and data publication and Tornado Ready Research.

Another call for Weather Ready Research is forthcoming, so keep an eye on the program page or sign up for Natural Hazards Center Award Program emails.

The initial findings from these studies which are supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation, are now available. Find the entire series here or browse individual reports below.

Examining Public Response and Climate Conditions During Overlapping Tornado and Flash Flood Warnings
Jennifer M. First, Kelsey Ellis, and Stephen Strader

The March 2020 Tennessee Tornados: Risk Perceptions, Preparedness, and Communication
Amanda Reinke, Jaymelee Kim, and Erin Eldridge

Household-Targeted Hurricane Warnings for Effective Evacuation
Shandge Gao, Yan Wang, Ryan Qi Wang, and Corene J. Matyas

Learning From Hurricane Laura’s Near Miss: Evacuation Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
David Retchless and Ashley Ross

Risk Communication Planning: Learning From Lived Experiences of Homelessness
Jamie Vickery, Nicole Errett, Ann Bostrom, William Sweeney, and Hansen Wendlandt

The Role of 360-Degree Videos in Wildfire Preparedness
Na Yu and Lucy Atkinson

Burned Area Emergency Response Teams: Interactions and Opportunities During Southwestern Monsoon Seasons
Catrin Edgeley, Noah Haarmann, and Anna Jaramillo-Scarborough