Student Paper Competition Winners

2022 Winners

Hannah O'Reilly, University of Colorado Boulder
Graduate Student
Messaging the Threat: Forecaster Difficulties Prioritizing Compound Hazards During Hurricane Florence

Nathan Schunk, East Carolina University
Undergraduate Student
Information Flows Associated with the 2021 Inland Flooding in Western Europe: Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands

2021 Winner

Felicia A. Henry, University of Delaware
Graduate Student
“Yo Bro, What Imma Do Now?”: Understanding the Impact of Disasters on Populations Under Community Supervision

2020 Winners

Qiuxi Li, University of Delaware
Graduate Student
Cultural Preservation Dilemmas Under Disaster Risk and Modernization – A case study of Chinese traditional villages

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Sydney Dyck, Mount Royal University
Undergraduate Student
Only a Matter of Time: The Impacts of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Colonialism on Indigenous Communities in Vancouver Island

2019 Winners

Olumide Abioye, Florida A&M University
Graduate Student
A Novel Model for Emergency Evacuation Planning

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Tabitha Payne, Brown University
Undergraduate Student
Anti-Poor State Practices in Disaster Preparedness: Contextualizing the Eviction of Vitas Tenement Housing Project in Metro Manila

2018 Winners

Virginia Berndt, University of Delaware
Graduate Student
Compromised Contraceptive Access in Disaster Settings: An Analysis of State-Level Contraceptive Policies, Title X Clinic Availability, and Emergency Refill Laws in North Carolina and Illinois

Sydney Eiss, University of Colorado Boulder
Undergraduate Student
Measuring Exposure for a Better Tomorrow: An Analysis of Hazard Mapping and Survey Data as Methods to Measure Risk

2017 Winners

Deepal Doshi, United Nations University
Graduate Student
Tropical Cyclones: From an Integrated ‘DNA’ Perspective

Nicole Taylor Mattson, University of Colorado Boulder
Undergraduate Student
Considering Different Experiences of Trauma in the Development of Effective Psychosocial Interventions

2016 Winners

Scott Kaiser, Colorado State University
Graduate Student
Colorado School Safety: An Examination of Web Availability of Emergency Management Information

Katie Murphy, Colorado State University
Undergraduate Student
Assessing Children's Disaster Relief Programs: Health Effects and the Role of Organizational Assistance in Disaster Recovery

2015 Winners

Hannah Rebecca Zulch, Griffith University
Graduate Student
Psychological Preparedness for Natural Disasters—Improving Disaster Management Theory and Practice

Yin-Hsuen Chen, University of Florida
Graduate Student
Multi-Scale Vulnerability Assessment of Surge and Wind Hazards In Coastal Communities—Venice Island, Florida

2014 Winners

Autumn Lotze, University of British Columbia
Graduate Student
Connecting Research and Practice: Business Earthquake Vulnerability in North Vancouver

Melanie Putic, Mount Royal University
Undergraduate Student
Canada's Love Canal: An Analysis of Social Class, Race, and Gender in Nova Scotia's Steel Industry

2013 Winners

Stacia Sydoriak, Colorado State University
Graduate Student
Women, Men, and the Face of a Colorado Frack Disaster: From Gender-Specific Risks to Gender-Inclusive Solutions

Alison McIntosh, University of Alberta
Undergraduate Student
Vulnerability of Older Adult Populations to Climate-Related Heat Events

2012 Winners

Eric Best, University of Delaware
Graduate Student
Collective Models of Disaster: Making a Case for Using Collective Mobile Phone Location Data in Disaster Science

Audrey Matusich, Colorado State University
Undergraduate Student
Vulnerable Victims: Media Constructions of Children After the BP Oil Spill

2011 Winners

Jennifer Tobin, Colorado State University
Graduate Student
Downward Mobility: Displaced Single Mothers in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Julie Broderick, Mount Royal University
Undergraduate Student
The Biopolitics of Desire: Exploring the Axis of Sexuality during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in Thailand

2010 Winners

Melissa Kelley, University of California, Los Angeles
Graduate Student
Predictors of Household Disaster Preparedness in California: Findings from a Statewide-Telephone Survey

Ysaye Zamore, Colorado State University
Undergraduate Student
Being Black: Examining the Relationship between Sociodemographic Characteristics, Racial Residential Segregation, and Evacuation Behavior in Hurricane Katrina

2009 Winners

Xiaoli Lu, Leiden University
Graduate Student
Mass Evacuation in Typhoon Response in Wenzhou, China: A Preliminary Analysis of Progress and Challenges

Krista Richardson, Colorado State University
Undergraduate Student
Katrina’s Children: An Analysis of Educational Outcomes Among Displaced Children in Colorado

2009 Runner up

Megan Reid, University of Texas at Austin
Graduate Student
Survivors’ Perceptions of Federal and Non-Governmental Responses to Hurricane Katrina

Charles Jacob Huxford, Alexis Blue, and Hope Rietzen, Western Washington University
Undergraduate Students
Reversing Rural Abandonment in the Mediterranean: A Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment of Communities on the Ionian Island of Kefalonia, Greece

2008 Winners

No Awards Granted

2007 Winners

Brett Heeger, Brown University
Disasters and CNN: The importance of TV news coverage for provoking private donations for disaster relief

Alex Mitchell, Colorado State University
Undergraduate Student
Impact of Fear: An examination of the 2002 Washington, DC sniper shootings

2006 Winners

Lindsey Barnes, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Public Perceptions of Flash Flood False Alarms: A Denver, Colorado Case Study

Brooke Fisher Liu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Preparing the People

2005 Winners

Sheridan Wimmer, Kansas State University
Can Biotechnology Help Slow Global Warming?

Hannah Brenkert, University of Colorado
Graduate Student
The Place of Fire

2004 Winners

Tristan L. Emery, Purdue University
Untitled (Disaster Communications)

Walker S. Ashley, University of Georgia
Derecho Hazards in the United States