The National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) is a Foundation-wide activity that supports early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or university. Activities pursued by early-career faculty should lay the groundwork for a lifetime of leadership in integrating education and research. This page includes a list of recent NSF CAREER Awards from Civil, Mechanical, and Manufactuing Innovation.


Idil Akin, Washington State University (PI)
CAREER: Spatial Quantification of Fundamental Mechanisms that Initiate Post-Wildfire Wetting-Induced Shallow Landslides (NSF Award #2042688)

Michelle Bensi, University of Maryland (PI)
CAREER: Transcending Barriers between Natural Hazard Researchers, Educators, and Practitioners - An Integrative Approach to Multi-Hazard Probabilistic Assessment (NSF Award #2047966)

Lauren Clay, D'Youville College (PI)
CAREER: Bolstering Food System Resilience to Reduce the Human Impacts of Disasters (NSF Award #2046316)

Marine Denolle, University of Washington (PI)
CAREER: Dynamics of Surface Rupturing Thrust Earthquakes (NSF Award #2124722)

Alia Khan, Western Washington University (PI)
CAREER: Coastal Antarctic Snow Algae and Light Absorbing Particles: Snowmelt, Climate and Ecosystem Impacts (NSF Award #2046240)

Sara Hamideh, SUNY at Stony Brook (PI)
CAREER: Affordable Versus Vacation Housing Resilience: Mechanisms that Shape Housing Vulnerability and Recovery in Coastal Communities (NSF Award #2046277)

Eileen Martin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (PI)
CAREER: Scalable Computational Seismology for All (NSF Award #2046387)

Wei Mei, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PI)
CAREER: Understanding the Variability, Predictability and Changes of Tropical Cyclone Genesis Frequency in the North Atlantic: From Basin to Sub-basin Scales (NSF Award #2047721)

Madison Myers, Montana State University (PI)
CAREER: Rethinking the Dynamics of Magma Storage and Eruption for Yellowstone’s Youngest Supereruption (NSF Award #2042662)

Wei Ren, University of Kentucky Research Foundation (PI)
CAREER: Quantifying Multi-Scale Climate-Smart-Agriculture Management for Triple Wins in Food Production, Climate Mitigation, and Environmental Sustainability (NSF Award #2045235)

Maryam Salehi, University of Memphis (PI)
CAREER: An Investigation of Microplastics Fate and Contaminant Transport in Storm Runoff, The Nexus of Environmental Engineering and Material Sciences (NSF Award #2044836)

Yongjia Song, Clemson University (PI)
CAREER: An Adaptive Stochastic Look-Ahead Framework for Disaster Relief Logistics under Forecast Uncertainty (NSF Award #2045744)

Elizabeth Thomas, SUNY at Buffalo (PI)
CAREER: Back to the Future--Integrating Research on the Mid-latitude Climate Response to Rapid Warming with Experiential Curriculum that Turns Knowledge into Action (NSF Award #2044616)

Jennifer Vanos, Arizona State University (PI)
CAREER: Coupling Climate and Human Health Models to Build Pathways to Extreme Heat Resilience (NSF Award #2045663)

Gabrielle Wong-Parodi, Stanford University (PI)
CAREER: Understanding the Drivers and Consequences of Personal Adaptation Behavior to Environmental Extremes (NSF Award #2045129)


Hiba Baroud, Vanderbilt University
CAREER: Policy-Infrastructure-Community Interdependencies: The Next Frontiers in Dynamic Networks (NSF Award #1944559)

Christine Kirchhoff, University of Connecticut
CAREER: Humanizing Engineering and Resilience: An Integrated Research and Education Approach to Understand and Enhance Infrastructure Resilience (NSF Award #1944664)

Michelle Meyer (PI), Texas A&M University
CAREER: Estimating and Addressing Disaster Survivors' Unmet Needs: A Social Vulnerability and Social Infrastructure Approach (NSF Award #1944329)

Ariane Middel, Arizona State University
CAREER: Human Thermal Exposure in Cities - Novel Sensing and Modeling to Build Heat-Resilience (NSF Award #1942805)


Ali Ghahremaninezhad, University of Miami
CAREER: Bio-Inspired Genetically Engineered Self-Healing for Cementitious Materials (NSF Award #1846984)

Ali Mostafavi, Texas A&M University
Household Network Modeling and Empathic Learning for Integrating Social Equality into Infrastructure Resilience Assessment (NSF Award #1846069)

Elaina Sutley, University of Kansas
Assessing the Role of Buildings and Organizations in Community Disaster Resilience (NSF Award #1847373)


Alice Alipour, Iowa State University
CAREER: Resiliency of Electric Power Networks Under Wind Loads and Aging Effects through Risk-Informed Design and Assessment Strategies (NSF Award #1751844)

Ward Lyles, University of Kansas
Integrated Modeling of Hazard Mitigation Stakeholder Networks for Compassionate, Sustainable Risk Reduction (NSF Award #1751696)

Gary Prinz, University of Arkansas
CAREER: A Micromechanics-Based Approach to Ductile Fracture Simulation in Additively Manufactured Steels for Seismic Structural Fuse Design (NSF Award #1751699)

Seymour Spence, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
CAREER: Using Metamodeling to Enable High-Fidelity Modeling in Risk-Based Multi-Hazard Structural Design (NSF Award #1750339)

James Womble, West Texas A&M University
CAREER: Remote Sensing for Advanced Understanding of Tornado Actions and Broadened STEM Education in Rural West Texas (NSF Award #1751018)


Jessica Heier Stamm, Kansas State University
CAREER: Measuring the Impact of Public Health Supply Chain Coordination Structures on the Effectiveness of Disaster Preparedness and Response (NSF Award #1653293)

Ning Lin, Princeton University
CAREER: Understanding and Designing Structures for Hurricane Wind and Surge Hazards Under Changing Climate Conditions (NSF Award #1652448)


Henry Burton, University of California-Los Angeles
CAREER: From Performance-Based Engineering to Resilience and Sustainability: Design and Assessment Principles for the Next Generation of Buildings (NSF Award #1554714)

Catherine Gorle, Stanford University
CAREER: Quantifying Wind Hazards on Buildings in Urban Environments (NSF Award #1751216)

Ashlea Milburn, University of Arkansas
CAREER: Information Accuracy and the Use of Social Data in Planning for Disaster Response (NSF Award #1554412)

Andrew Myers, Northeastern University
CAREER: Advancing Multi-Hazard Assessment and Risk-Based Design for Offshore Wind Energy Technology (NSF Award #1552559)

Brandon Ross, Clemson University
CAREER: Quantifying the Adaptability of Building Structures, Envelopes, and Foundations (NSF Award #1553565)


Ali Nejat, Texas Tech University
CAREER: RecovUS - An Agent Based Model of Collective Post Disaster Housing Recovery (NSF Award #1454650)