Award News

The damage and disruption caused by recent tornadoes highlights how necessary research is in helping those affected, especially at-risk populations. Learn more about funds available to support your research in this area.

Read about this special call for quick response research and join us for a virtual Q&A session to learn more.

Learn more about collecting perishable data from recent events through the Quick Response Research Award program.

Learn more about these proposals funded through the Mitigation Matters Research Award Program to promote evidence-based mitigation solutions.

Learn more about these proposals funded to increase public health solutions to hazards in vulnerable communities.

Learn more about our latest research award, which will fund proposals up to $10,000 each to study important aspects of disaster mitigation.

Learn more about this special call for Quick Response Research Award proposals exploring health outcomes for populations disproportionately affected by climate-related disasters.

Learn more about funds available for research that helps build equity in public health disaster efforts in underserved communities.

Explore the new collection of work aimed at strengthening the public health response to disasters in underserved communities.

Join us to learn more about public health research to enhance community well-being and reduce the negative impacts of disaster.