Research Counts

By Elizabeth Fussell

During hurricane recovery, the focus is often on the work being done to rebuild. Elizabeth Fussell reminds us that those who do the work are often taken advantage of in the rush to return communities to normal.

By Betty Lai and Ann-Margaret Esnard

Disasters are understandably frightening for children, but there are steps that parents and teachers can take to ensure more positive outcomes.

By Kathleen Tierney

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey left a special soup of petrochemicals, sewage, and other dangers lurking in floodwaters. Kathleen Tierney discusses what we know—and don't know—about what's in the water.

By Michael Lindell

Rebuilding after a hurricane isn't just a matter of replacing what was lost. Communities need to consider how to make sure homes and infrastructure are ready to withstand subsequent events, as well.

By Lori Peek

The importance of getting disaster lessons into the hands of those who need it is more pressing than ever. Lori Peek describes a new Natural Hazards Center platform to do just that—Research Counts is dedicated to giving experts an opportunity to apply their knowledge to current disasters, as well as ponder new questions.