Track 6: COVID-19 and Everyday Life

Thursday, July 15, 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. MDT

Social Capital as a Coping Strategy Among Diaspora Chinese During COVID-19 Pandemic

Njoki Mwarumba, University of Nebraska Omaha
Melanie Chapman, University of Nebraska Omaha

Rural Households' Protective Action Assessments and Willingness to Take a Covid-19 Vaccination

Shih-Kai Huang, Jacksonville State University
Thomas Brindle, California State University Maritime Academy
Yingying Sun, Sichuan University
Sudha Arlikatti, Independent
Michael Lindell, University of Washington

Latinx Voices of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Oklahoma

Alyssa Provencio, University of Central Oklahoma
Veronica Olivares, University of Central Oklahoma

Life in COVID: Children's and Older Adults' Daily Experiences, Mobilities, and Capacities

Christine Gibb, University of Ottawa
Gabriella Meltzer, New York University
Nnenia Campbell, University of Colorado Boulder
Alice Fothergill, University of Vermont

Sport and Fitness During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Dana Greene, University of Michigan
Marcilyn Cianfarani, Independent
Sonya Cowan, Redwood High School

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