Frequently Asked Questions

We will be hosting the 46th Natural Hazards Workshop and the add-on Researchers Meeting virtually using Pheedloop, a conference management platform. Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions.

If your question has not been answered after reviewing the questions below, please contact us at

Preparing to Use Pheedloop

What is Pheedloop?

The Pheedloop conference management system is our platform attending the workshop virtually. All attendees will need a Pheedloop username and password to navigate the event.

How do I get a Pheedloop registration link and password?

If you have registered for the Workshop, you will receive an email from Pheedloop several days before the event containing your username and an initial password. After logging in, you can change your password to one of your preference. You will need the initial password to login the first time, however, so please be sure to save your email.

Note: This process is different for participants in the poster session and Meet the Author Events. Please visit the presenters section below for more information.

Will my registration link for the Workshop work for the Researchers Meeting?

No. You should have registered separately for these events and received separate Pheedloop emails with login details for each meeting you’re registered for. You will need to use your Researchers Meeting login information to attend that event.

Can I use my registration link on multiple devices?

Yes, you can log on to the web-based platform on any device using your username and password.

What if I lose or don’t receive the email with my username and password?

First, check your spam or clutter folders to see if you have an email from If you still can’t find it, please email us at

How do I update my Pheedloop profile?

After logging in, access the Account button in the left-hand navigation bar. This will bring you to a profile page where you can add your photograph, post a brief bio, upload documents you’d like to share with others, and link to your social media accounts.

Can I use the "Add to Calandar" feature on pheedloop?

It depends. Some users have reported that their calandar doesn't compensate for timezones. Just be sure that when adding sessions to your calandar that the times of the sessions are for your local time. All times listed on the schedule are MDT.

Attending the Workshop and Researchers Meeting with Pheedloop

What browser should I use for the best Pheedloop experience?

Pheedloop suggests using Google Chrome on a desktop computer to ensure access to all of the Workshop’s offerings.

What time zone are the sessions scheduled in?

It depends. Workshop sessions are scheduled in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). However, your personal or calendar settings might cause times to appear in your local time zone. Please refer to the Workshop schedule on our website for sessions listed in MDT if you’re unsure.

Can I call in to sessions or do I need to use my computer or a mobile device to attend sessions?

We’re sorry, call options are not available. For best results, please use your computer to attend sessions. Although tablets will also work, your experience will be less integrative. Smartphones are not suggested.

Where and when can I interact with presenters?

During sessions, moderators will invite audience members to ask questions and interact with speakers. Outside of the sessions, you can use the chat function in the Networking tab on the left column of the virtual portal.

I see others sharing Twitter posts in the Pheedloop platform. How do I do that?

Post to Twitter as you normally do and use the hashtag #HazWS for the Natural Hazards Workshop or #HazRM for the Researchers Meeting. Your tweets will appear on the platform automatically.

After the Workshop

Will the sessions be available after the Workshop and Researchers Meeting?

All sessions will be recorded and available to registered participants on Pheedloop. Recordings will be posted to the Pheedloop session pages the week after the meetings and can be viewed until December 31, 2021. In addition, the Natural Hazards Center may choose to share recordings via our website or social media.

Can I pause a live session and come back to it later?

No, you will have to wait until the video recording is available.

Will the questions and comments from the session chat be available?

Yes, chat box discussions will be saved and posted to the session page along with the video recording.

Can I access the posters and poster session videos after the Workshop?

Yes. You can download the presentation documents in Pheedloop. Videos will be available on YouTube for as long as the presenter choses to keep them posted.

Will a list of attendees for the meetings be available?

You can see all of the attendees in the Networking tab during the event. We will not be creating a formal participant list for the virtual meetings, so please connect during the Workshop and Researcher Meeting timeframes.

Pheedloop Troubleshooting

How can I reach the Natural Hazards Center team in real-time if I’m having issues?

There are 3 ways to connect with us during the Workshop and Researchers Meeting:

  1. Use the chat box that appears in the bottom left of your Virtual Portal (recommended).
  2. Email us at
  3. Call us at (303) 735-5844.

Why can't I see the chat function in Pheedloop?

Pheedloop's chat function is only available on larger screens. If you are on a tablet or mobile device, it will not be visible.

My connection to Pheedloop seems to be lagging. Is there some way I can make it work better?

If your device is running slowly, please try to conserve bandwidth by closing any non-essential programs and browser tabs to conserve your Internet and computer speed.

I’m not able to use my camera or microphone in Pheedloop. Is something wrong?

At times, and especially if you have just installed Google Chrome to access the platform, you will need to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone. When logging in, this request might come via a pop-up message or you might need to adjust your settings in the browser settings tab.

What do should I do if the session gets “Zoom bombed?”

Each session has an assigned a host and co-host who can immediately end the session in the instance of severely disruptive activity.

Pheedloop for Moderators, Panelists, and other Presenters

Technical Questions

How do I sign in as a speaker for my session?

Speakers will be sent a Zoom link to participate in their individual sessions and must be signed in through their Zoom app (not Pheedloop). Speakers that cannot locate their Zoom link should contact Jennifer Tobin at

How can I best prepare for my virtual panel session?

We have several suggestions for creating optimum virtual session conditions:

  • Download the Zoom app to your computer for the best connection.
  • Plan to login 15 minutes early for your session—your scheduled Zoom start time is correct (in most cases these these have been started 15-30 minutes before your session formally starts)
  • Test your computer video, microphone, and sound before your session.
  • Set up in a quiet space with no background noise if at all possible.
  • Turn off all non-essential programs and close non-essential browser tabs to save bandwidth so Zoom runs smoothly. Similarly, turn off all programs with alerts and notifications(i.e., email, chat channels, etc.).
  • Have PowerPoint slides are open and ready to present in full screen mode.

How do I download and configure the Zoom application?

Zoom will work best when using the application (as opposed to the web-based client). Before your session, please download the Zoom app if possible. You can configure a number of settings and test your video and audio by clicking on the wheel icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen.

I’ll be using PowerPoint slides. How does the share screen function work?

Screen sharing will operate the same way it does in regular Zoom meetings. If you’d like more information, this short video will teach you how to share your screen in Zoom.

What should I do when I’m done sharing my slides?

When you’ve completed your slide presentation, please immediately stop sharing your screen by clicking the red button labeled “Stop Share.” This is important so the audience can easily see the panelists speak and must be done before the next presenter can share slides.

Run-of-Session Questions

Will I be able to see the other panelists?

Yes, speakers will see a gallery view of their co-presenters and all attendees in the audience.

How should the chat feature be used?

The chat feature will be available to panelists in Zoom and attendees in Pheedloop. Anyone is welcome to add their questions and comments there, as well as links to further information. Your Zoom coordinator and co-host will help manage the chat so you can focus on your session.

How will the moderator identify questions and call on audience members?

Questions will be visible in the chat box or audience members can be called on to unmute themselves and ask questions. It is up to moderators to determine how they would like to handle the question-and-answer portion of their session. We encourage you to communicate your preference to the audience at the start of the session

How do moderators and panelists communicate during their session?

Moderators and panelists can either communicate verbally, write private messages to each other in the chat box, or set up some other method based on the group’s preference.

How will timekeeping work?

It is the responsibility of the moderator to keep time for each speaker, ensure that audience member comments don’t go on for too long, and otherwise keep the session on track. Moderators are encouraged to use whatever method they feel comfortable with to note that time is up. Regardless of what your moderator decides, please be attentive to your speaking time, as well.

Moderator Questions

I’ve been told that as a moderator I will be assigned as a host or co-host in Zoom. What does that mean?

To ensure redundancy in the instance of an internet outage, the moderator of each session will be assigned as a host in Zoom, which will give them access various controls, such as muting or unmuting participants, ending the session, or operating other controls. You will only need to take action if both your Center Zoom coordinator and their Zoom assistant lose connection, which is unlikely.

As a moderator, how should I communicate with panelists about time limits?

Please be sure you discuss your preferred method of noting when time is up with panelists before the session. You might give a panelist a one-minute warning (holding up a visual cue such as brightly colored paper can be useful) or simply note time is up verbally or with some sort of bell or chime. Panelists should be aware that once the cue is given, they will need to wrap up their thoughts and let the next person continue.

What if my panelists are muted, their slides aren’t working, or the slides aren’t in full screen mode?

Please just verbally let them know that there is a problem unless you’ve arranged otherwise before your session. Additionally, in the case of someone being unknowingly on mute, you will have the ability as a Zoom co-host to unmute them.

PowerPoint and Other Session Materials

Is there PowerPoint template I should use for my workshop slides?

No, the Natural Hazards Center does not have a set template available. Please feel free to format you slides in any way that makes sense for your content.

Can I share my own PowerPoint slides or will the moderator run them?

This will ultimately be up to your moderator, but we recommend that each panelist runs their own slides, videos, or other tools.

How can I share my PowerPoint slides or other information I’d like the audience to have?

During the session, please feel free to add links to the chat box. All participants can upload PDF files to their personal page, via the Account setting. We hope you will share documents or files that way! You may also add files or links to the chat box and/or send additional resources to your host to add to your session page after the session ends.

Poster and Meet the Author Presenter Questions

Will my poster presentation and video be published permanently after the conference?

All of the content on Pheedloop will be available to registrants until December 31, 2021. The video you make needs to be uploaded to YouTube, and therefore you are in control of when or if it remains available.

I’m a poster session or Meet the Author participant. How can I change my password?

Because of the unique features tied to your poster or Meet the Author presentation, these passwords cannot be reset. Please email us at and we will resend the email containing your email.