Track 1: Economic Disruption, Employment, and Public Resilience Financing

Thursday, July 15, 8:00 to 9:15 a.m. MDT

Interruption of Food Retailers and Food Access After Hurricane Harvey

Maria Watson, Texas A&M University
Nathanael Rosenheim, Texas A&M University
John Casellas Connors, Texas A&M University
Mastura Safayet, Texas A&M University
Walter Peacock, Texas A&M University

The Cost-Effectiveness of Economic Resilience

Noah Dormady, The Ohio State University
Adam Rose, University of Southern California
Alfredo Roa-Henriquez, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Blain Morin, The Ohio State University

Measuring Willingness to Pay for Community Based Resilience Training

Wesley Wehde, East Tennessee State University

Compound Water Hazards in Eastern North Carolina: Understanding Economic Impacts

Anuradha Mukherji, East Carolina University
Philip VanWagoner, East Carolina University
Scott Curtis, The Military College of South Carolina
Jamie Kruse, East Carolina University
Jennifer Helgeson, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Ausmita Ghost, East Carolina University
Kelly DePolt, East Carolina University

Post-Hurricane Employment and Workforce Disruptions in Locations of Higher Social Vulnerability

Blake Scott, University of South Florida
Jennifer Marshall, University of South Florida
Russell Kirby, University of South Florida
Steven Reader, University of South Florida
Nicholas Thomas, University of South Florida
Kelsey Merlo, University of South Florida

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