Track 3: Funding Support for Hazard Mitigation

Thursday, July 15, 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. MDT

Environmental Justice and Leadership to Think About Equity in FEMA HMA Participation

Olivia Vila, North Carolina State University
Gavin Smith, North Carolina State University

The Moral Foundations of Federal Disaster Preparedness Spending

Thomas Jamieson, University of Nebraska Omaha
Whitney Hua, University of Southern California

Public Support for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas: A 17-country study

Barry Levitt, Florida International University
Richard Olson, Florida International University
Elizabeth Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University
N. Emel Ganapati, Florida International University
Jose Miguel Cruz, Florida International University
Arturo Leon, Florida International University

Assessing the Capacity of SHMOs to Assist Communities Develop Hazard Mitigation Grants

Gavin Smith, North Carolina State University
Oliva Vila, North Carolina State University

Promoting Mitigation Through Post-Disaster Small Business Recovery Programs

Sua Kim, University of Utah
Divya Chandrasekhar, University of Utah

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