Plenary: Lessons from Long-Term Recovery Studies Across the World

Wednesday, July 14, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. MDT

This plenary session will feature five papers focused on long-term studies on various aspects of disaster recovery in different contexts. Panelists from diverse fields and backgrounds will share new knowledge about how physical and social vulnerabilities shape recovery from disasters. Further, panelists will highlight new methodological perspectives for conducting more rigorous and sustained studies of long-term disaster recovery.

Long-Term Effects of Vulnerabilities: Great East Japan Earthquake (GEJE) Five Wave Life Recovery Population Panel Surveys

Fuminori Kawami, Doshisha University
Shinya Fujimoto, Doshisha University
Shosuke Sato, Tohoku University
Anna Matsukawa, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
Shigeo Tatsuki, Doshisha University

Researching Recovery: How Can Long-Term Ethnographic Research Contribute to Advancing Knowledge?

Kanako Iuchi, Tohoku University

Harmonization of Physical Reconstruction and Social Recovery: 10-Year Lessons from Wenchuan earthquake

Haorui Wu, Dalhousie University

Contributors to Long-Term Recovery in Nepal: A Longitudinal Study Over Five Years

Lena Michaels, The Asia Foundation
Sabine Loos, Stanford University
Carolyn O'Donnell, The Asia Foundation
Jenny Levitt, Stanford University
Jack Baker, Stanford University
David Lallemant, Nanyang Technological University

Health-Related Nonprofit Response to Concurrent Disaster Events

Ivis Garcia, University of Utah
Kevin Fagundo Ojeda, University of Utah
Divya Chandrasekhar, University of Utah
Nazife Ganapati, Florida International University
Jose Velazquez Diaz, Florida International University

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