Track 1: Mental Health and Long-Term Recovery

Thursday, July 15, 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. MDT

Effects of Maternal Disaster Exposure on Adolescent Mental Health 12 Years Later

Meghan Zacher, Brown University
Monica Arkin, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Jean Rhodes, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Sarah R. Lowe, Yale University

The Mental Health Implications of Long-Term Recovery in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Kim Mosby, Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies

Post-Disaster Neighborhood Attainment and Health in the Long Run

Ethan Raker, University of British Columbia
Meghan Zacher, Brown University

The Effects of Cumulative Natural Disaster Exposure on Child/Adolescent Psychological Distress

Gabriella Meltzer, New York University
Alexis Merdjanoff, New York University
David Abramson, New York University

Impact of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Opportunity on Women's Mental Health After Hurricane Katrina

Angela-Maithy Nguyen, University of California-Berkeley
Yeerae Kim, New York University
David Abramson, New York University

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