Poster Session Abstracts Index

Adams, Rachel, Haorui Wu, Lori Peek, Candace Evans, Melissa Villarreal, Amy Wolkin, and Tracy Thomas
CONVERGE Training Modules for Hazards and Disaster Researchers

Adegoke, Muritala, Luz Agudelo, Génesis Álvarez Rosario, Paula Buchanan, Lilian Bui, Miriam Commodore-Mensah, Sahar Derakhshan, Isaiah Higgs, Gillian Maris Jones, Julian Jones, Rashon Lane, Ashley Méndez-Heavilin, Covel McDermot, Karen Montes-Berríos, Farah Nibbs, Danielle Nicholson, Christina Kaululani Sun, Mehari Tesfay, Morolake Omoya, and Olivia Vilá
SURGE Scholars Experience: Post-Disaster Research and Service in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Aghababaei, Mohammad, Maria Koliou, Maria Watson, and Yu Xiao
Bayesian Approach to Developing Business Recovery Models After Disaster Events: An Application Study for the Community of Lumberton, North Carolina Following Hurricane Matthew

Al-Zaher, Raed, Hao-Che (Tristan) Wu, Dillon Harness, and Haley Murphy
Tornado Preparedness and Response of College Students with Companion Animals in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Allen, Thomas
Resilience Assessment of Water Infrastructure and Human Health to Flooding Under Future East Coast Sea Level Rise

Awatere, Shaun, Anne Bardsley, Rob Bell, Roger Fairclough, Bapon Fakhruddin, Emma Lemire, Wendy Saunders, Dee Sciascia, and Dan Zwartz
A National Climate Change Risk Assessment Framework for New Zealand

Bacigalupe, Gonzalo, Gabriel Gonzalez, and Rodrigo Cienfuegos
Producing Interdisciplinary Disaster Science is Not Enough—Citizen Participation is Essential: The Case of Chile

Balut, Michelle, Claudia Der-Martirosian, and Aram Dobalian
Veterans Health Administration Workforce Preparedness, Knowledge, and Roles During Disasters

Bartel, Beth, Wendy Stovall, Micol Todesco, Cheryl Cameron, Janine Krippner, Jan Lindsay, Alia Juman, Jessica Ball, Elise Rumpf, Kevin Reath, and Liz Westby
Coordinating Communicators: Developing Professional Considerations for Social Media Users During Volcanic Crises

Borah, Homolata
Building a Safer Future in a High Disaster Risk Environment: Case of Majuli Island

Briel, Haley, Bill Brown, Shannon Burke, and Joseph DeAngelis
Building Coastal Resilience Through Infrastructure Planning

Brindle, Thomas, Tu-Jung (Chris) Hung, Chih-Chun Lin, Shih-kai Huang, Hao-Che (Tristan) Wu, Jing-Chein Lu, and Michael Lindell
How Do Households Protect Themselves from Nighttime Earthquakes? A Study of the 2018 Eastern Taiwan Earthquake

Brown de Gerena, Melissa
Complexities of Mass Fatality Incidents: Examining Difficulty in Predicting Data Surge to Promote Preparedness and Response

Buchanan, Paula and William Inmon
TextualETL: Improving Risk Communication in Disaster Management

Buika, James
Coming Together: Policies and Practices for the Next Generation Coastal Zone Managers Program in Hawaii

Butts, Carter, Jeannette Sutton, Ben Gibson, Michele Olson, Robert Prestley, Scott Renshaw, Sarah Vos, and Yue Yu
Social Media Engagement Strategies and Message Retransmission Across Threat Contexts

Campbell, Nnenia, Maya Martinko, Lori Peek, Matthew Behnke, Joseph Cecil, Olivia Humilde, Chad Berginnis, and Bill Brown
The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) at 50: An Analysis of Mitigation Success Stories

Chamorro, Alondra, Tomás Echaveguren, Eduardo Allen, Marta Contreras, Joaquín Dagá, and Hernán de Solminihac
Integrated Risk Assessment for Road Networks Exposed to Natural Hazards: Application to Volcanic Hazards

Chen, Chen, Alireza Mostafizi, and Haizhong Wang
Tsunami Risk Assessment by FN-Curve: Choosing Vertical Evacuation Shelter Location

Clarke, Sarah, Stacey Arnesen, and Siobhan Champ-Blackwell
Librarian Support During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Cocco-Klein, Samantha
Women and Children First? United States Disaster Policy and Children from Hurricane Katrina to Superstorm Sandy

Coleman, Natalie, Ali Mostafavi, and Amir Esmalian
Equitable Resilience in Infrastructure Systems: Empirical Assessment of Disparities in the Hardship Experiences of Vulnerable Populations During Service Disruptions

Contreras, Marta, Alondra Chamorro, Nikole Guerrero, Carolina Martínez, and Tomás Echaveguren
Methodology to Evaluate Social Vulnerability and Critical Infrastructure Accessibility: A Case Study in Central Chile

Crawford, Shane, Andrew Graettinger, and Judith Mitrani-Reiser
Facilitating Large-Scale Data Collection by Synthesizing Remote Sensing, GIS, and Machine Learning

Dacey, Connor
The Perception of Storm Spotters as Part of a Natural Hazards Integrated Warning System

Dacey, Connor, Logan Gerber-Chavez, Karen Montes Berrios, and Aimee Mankins
DRC It!: A Convergent Communication Initiative

Dargin, Jennifer and Ali Mostafavi
Human-Centric Infrastructure Resilience: Identifying Disparities in Household Well-Being due to Service Disruptions in Disasters

Dent, Lauren, Gary Webb, Vaswati Chatterjee, and Nicole Dash
An Exploratory Study of Disaster Preparedness Among Native American Communities in the United States

Do, Trung, John van de Lindt, and Daniel Cox
Spatial Risk Assessment for Coastal Communities: A Hurricane Risk Mapping Case Study for Galveston, Texas

Doubleday, Annie, Claire Pendergrast, Scott Miles, Youngjun Choe, and Nicole Errett
Understanding the Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Bike and Pedestrian Path Usage and the Role of Physical Activity-Promoting Organizations in Supporting Disaster Recovery

Emrich, Christopher, Yao Zhou, and Sanam Aksha
Supporting Unbiased and Empirically-Based Hazards Mitigation, Planning, Response, and Recovery Decision-Making

Favretti, Maggie
Rising Waters, Burning Drought, and Shaking Earth: Building Capacity and Resilience in Puerto Rico

Fernandez Otegui, Diego
International Deployments Under the Siege of Symbols

Fujimoto, Shinya, Fuminori Kawami, Toshikazu Kamei, Kensuke Tokunaga, Yasuhiro Mitani, and Shigeo Tatsuki
System 1 and System 2 Protective Action Decision Making Processes: How Can We Trigger Faster Evacuation Actions?

Geruso, April
Reaching Resilience: Finding a Path Forward for Communities Tackling Complex Problems Around Resilience

Gordon, Ann
Improving Public Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Evacuation Compliance

Greer, Alex, Haley Murphy, Hao-Che (Tristan) Wu, and Ray Chang
Maintaining the Status Quo: Understanding Local Use of Resilience Strategies to Address Earthquake Risk in Oklahoma

Grevstad-Nordbrock, Ted, Sara Hamideh, and Maria Freeman
Historic Preservation Through Post-Disaster Recovery: A Case Study of the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Floods of 2008

Gu, Donghwan, Walter Gillis Peacock, and Nathanael Rosenheim
Residential Household Dislocation After Three Hurricanes

Harpe, John
Augmenting Pacific Northwest Emergency Management Practices to Include Maritime Infrastructure for Natural Disasters

Haverhals, Leah
Navigating Disasters: A Case Study of Veterans Affairs and Non-Veterans Affairs Home-Based Long-Term Care Environments in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

Hernandez, Ruben
Damage Assessment of Low-Income and Immigrant Households After Low Attention Disasters

Huang, Tu-Jung (Chris), Read Al-Zaher, Hao-Che (Tristan) Wu, and Alex Greer
College Students and Household Adjustment to Earthquake Hazards in Oklahoma

Huether, Graham
Social Capital and Tornado Resilience Among International Students

Huntsman, David, Alex Greer, and Haley Murphy
Answering the Bell: Leadership, Decision Making, and Organizational Culture in United States Fire Departments

Hutton, Nicole and Michael Allen
Reforming Emergency Power Regulation to Address Post-Disaster Heatwaves: The Case of Florida’s Nursing Homes

Islam, Tanveer and Whitney Flynn
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of the April 27, 2011, Tornado Outbreak in Central Alabama

Jaiswal, Kishor, Davis Engler, John Corrette, Haeyoung Noh, and David Wald
A Framework for Updating the U.S. Geological Survey PAGER Alerts and Loss Estimates

Jeong, Sangman, Hayoung Kim, Christabel Jane Rubio, and Insang Yu
Development of a New Standard Design Snow Load for Building Design Considering Wet Snow

Jones, Eric, Diana Luque, and Arthur Murphy
Riverine Residents Seeking Information After the 2014 Cananea Mine Spill

Karaye, Ibraheem, Courtney Thompson, Maria Perez-Patron, Nicholas Taylor, and Jennifer Horney
Estimating Evacuation Shelter Deficits in the Houston-Galveston Metropolitan Area

Karaye, Ibraheem, Ashley Ross, and Jennifer Horney
Self-Rated Mental and Physical Health of Hazard Vulnerable U.S. Gulf Coast Residents

Kawami, Fuminori, Anna Matsukawa, Shosuke Sato, and Shigeo Tatsuki
How Do Pre-Disaster Social Vulnerabilities Affect Temporary Housing Residency?

Khajehei, Sayma and Sara Hamideh
Public Housing After Disasters: Recovery Resources and Policies Following Hurricane Matthew in Lumberton, North Carolina

Kim, Donghyun, Jongsung Kim, Changhyun Choi, and Hung Soo Kim
Development of Heavy Rain Damage Risk Classes and Prediction Function

Kim, Hung Soo, Jongsung Kim, Donghyun Kim, and Changhyun Choi
Development of a Categorical Function for Heavy Rain Damage Prediction

Kim, Jongsung, Donghyun Kim, Changhyun Choi, and Hung Soo Kim
Heavy Rain Report Based on Hazard-Triggering Rainfall Considering Regional Characteristics

Kruse, Jamie Brown and Jacob Hochard
Symposium: Economics, Insurance, and Flood Hazards

Lee, Hee Sup and Moo Jong Park
Development of a Continent-Based Estimation Method of Drought Damage

Lee, Jessica and Shannon Van Zandt
Inequity in Stormwater Management Infrastructure: Findings from Houston

Littrell, Megan, Anne Gold, Jennifer Taylor, Erin Leckey, Katie Boyd, Katya Schloesser, and Amanda Morton
Empowering Youth to Envision Community Resilience Actions Around Natural Hazards

Liu, Zhanlin, Pariyakorn Maneekul, Scott Miles, Nicole Errett, and Youngjun Choe
Personal Fitness Monitoring App Data to Assess Community Recovery at Scale: A Case Study on the Post-Hurricane Harvey Recovery of Harris County, Texas

Loos, Sabine, David Lallemant, Jack Baker, Sang-Ho Yun, Nama Budhathoki, and Ritika Singh
Data Fusion to Rapidly Model Post-Disaster Damage for Recovery Planning

Losey, Clare and Kijin Seong
To Remain or Relocate? Long-Term Mobility Decisions of Homeowners Exposed to Recurrent Disasters

Lu, Jing-Chein and An-Qiang Wang
Study on Flood Preparedness and Evacuation Behaviors of Senior Citizens’ Welfare Institutions in Taiwan

Lugo Bendezú, Raquel, Yahaira Álvarez-Gandía, K. Stephen Hughes, Lindsay Davis, Jonathan Godt, and Lori Peek
Strategies for Communicating Landslide Risk in Puerto Rico

Luo, Pin-Ju, Pei-Ting Huang, and Jing-Chein Lu
Disaster Sheltering Preparedness in Taiwan: Evaluation Framework Development and Preparedness Assessment

Marasco, David, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Satish Ukkusuri, Seungyoon Lee, Yue Ge, Roa'a Alawadi, and Jiayun Shen
Hazards SEES: Bridging Information, Uncertainty, and Decision-Making in Hurricanes Using an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Marlowe, Valerie
Gathering Voices: Preserving and Promoting the Perspectives of Disaster Scholars in the Enrico L. Quarantelli Resource Collection Archives

Matsukawa, Anna, Fuminori Kawami, Aya Tsujioka, Junko Murano, and Shigeo Tatsuki
Leave No One Behind: The Beppu Model of Capacity Building for People with Disabilities During Disasters

Meyer, Michelle, Walter Gillis Peacock, Shannon Van Zandt, and Nathanael Rosenheim
The Texas A&M University Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at 30 Years

Moradi, Saeed, Ali Nejat, Souparno Ghosh, and Roxana Javid
A Spatial Bayesian Model for Predicting Housing Recovery

Muin, Sifat and Khalid Mosalam
Human-Machine Collaboration Framework for Post-Disaster Structural Health Monitoring

Najafi, Mohammad Reza and Ying Zhang
Compounding Effects of Multiple Flood Hazards in Saint Lucia

Nelan, Mary
Disaster Volunteer Identity and Perception of Place in the Community

Nguyen, Lan, Katherine Idziorek, and Daniel Abramson
Robust Adaptive Plans Using Both Gradual and Sudden Change Scenarios

Park, Hyejeong, Genta Nakano, James Goltz, and Katsuya Yamori
Strong Ground Motion and Human Behavior: Using “Did You Feel It?” Data to Assess Behavioral Response to Earthquakes

Park, Moo Jong and Young Seok Song
A Study on Estimation of Future Drought Using Regression Equations

Penta, Samantha
Interdisciplinary Emergency Response: Bridging Differences in Planning Crisis Medical Relief

Perrucci, Daniel and Hiba Baroud
Temporary Housing After Natural Disasters: Maximizing Community Resilience While Minimizing Financial Risk and Psychological Affects

Pradhan, Srijesh and Erin Arneson
Modeling Regional Patterns of Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction Outcomes in the United States Using Resourcing Variables

Rast, Brian
Flood Risk Management Plans with Nonstructural Measures and Assessments

Ray, Stephanie, Elyse Zavar, and Mary Nelan
Commemoration on Foot: Identities and Motivations of Joplin Memorial Runners

Readdy, Amie
Resolving Disaster Trauma with Emerging Resilience Therapies

Reshaur, Lisa, Zachary Cox, and Tricia Wachtendorf
A Class Based Examination of Collective Behavior During the 1992 Los Angeles Riot

Roberts, Andrea and Jennifer Blanks
Temporal Analysis of Sweet Rest Cemetery Landcover Change in Tamina, Texas

Robinson, Celine, Elizabeth Allen, Ivy Jiang, Daniel Kim, Jeremy Liang, Cydney Livingston, Niyaz Nurbhasha, Nish Singaraju, Cai May Tan, Connor Valaik, Stella Wang, Elizabeth Albright, Lori Bennear, Kyle Bradbury, Christine Hendren, Luana Lima, Dalia Patino–Echeverri, and Mark Borsuk
Understanding Natural and Human Initiation and Transmission of Cascading Hazards

Roy, Malini, A.D. Brand, and Philip Berke
Anticipating Future Flood Risk in Dordrecht, Netherlands

Safran, Elizabeth, Erik Nilsen, Peter Drake, and Bryan Sebok
Video Games and Earthquake Preparedness: Effects of Avatar Identification and Resource Richness

Saiyed, Zahraa
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute Citizen Advocacy: Creating Seismic Safety Public Policy Champions

Santos-Hernández, Jenniffer, Génesis Álvarez Rosario, Ashley Méndez-Heavilin, and Perla Rodríguez-Fernández
Promoting Community Resilience to Extreme Events Through Transformative Scenarios: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability Transitions

Schulze, Stefanie, Erica Fischer, Hussam Mahmoud, and Sara Hamideh
Damage to Critical Facilities and Interdependent Recovery of the Paradise Community After the 2018 Camp Fire

Schumann, Ronald and Elyse Zavar
Patterns of Disaster Commemoration in Long-Term Recovery

Schwaller, Nora and Mai Nguyen
Finding Community When Hurricanes Hit Home: Disaster Displacement from Puerto Rico in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Semien, Joy and Andrea Roberts
Voiceless and Invisible: Perspectives of Youth

Shahid, Shaila
How to Better Rebuild with Women’s Leadership in Disaster Risk Reduction Decision-Making Through an Empowerment Approach

Shen, Suwan
Examining the Spatial Patterns of Transportation Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii

Silverman, Brenda
A Public Health Toolkit: Integrating a Community-Based Information Network to Support Risk Communication Messages and Dissemination Strategies for the Whole Community

Song, Young Seok and Moo Jong Park
Development of a Global Drought Damage Estimation Method Using Multiple Regression Analysis

Szczyrba, Laura, Duygu Pamukcu, Kris Mapili, Derya Ipek Eroglu, and Yang Zhang
Puerto Rican Household Vulnerability and Damage in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

Talbot, Jessica, Cristina Poleacovschi, Sara Hamideh, and Carlos Santos-Rivera
Evaluating the Relationship Between Social Capital and Informal Housing Reconstruction: A Case Study of Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Tharp, Christopher
Hurricane Maria: Crisis Trigger for a Critical Juncture in Puerto Rico

Tlau, Lalrinpuii, Janise Rodgers, and Hari Kumar
Earthquake and Landslide Risk Mitigation in Aizawl, North East India

Tracy, Andrew and Amy Javenick-Will
Communicating Risk of Induced Seismicity: Factors Influencing Perception of Information Sources

Trainor, Joseph, Rachel Davidson, Jamie Kruse, Linda Nozick, and Rachel Slotter
Embedding Regional Hurricane Risk Management in the Life of a Community: A Computational Framework

Triantis, Konstantinos, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Joseph Trainor, Praveen Edara, Ruijie Bian, Tatiana Daychman, Taylan Topcu, Taylor Williams, and Daeyeol Chang
Evacuation Performance Measurement from Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Venable, Casie, Amy Javernick-Will, Abbie Liel, and Matt Koschmann
A Comparison of Perceived and Assessed Housing Safety in Two Filipino Communities

Vilá, Olivia, Laura Bray, Bethany Cutts, Angela Harris, and Grace Hornsby
Environmental Risk and Recovery: Citizen Science in the Post-Disaster Context

Vinnell, Lauren, Taciano Milfont, and John McClure
Identifying Cognitive Predictors of Natural Hazard Preparedness Using the Theory of Planned Behavior

Wade, Heather and Walt Peacock
State Coastal Management Programs Under the Coastal Zone Management Act: When Do Local Plans and Ordinances Matter?

Walshe, Rory, George Adamson, and Ilan Kelman
Déjà Vu or Jamais Vu? Cultural Memory of Tropical Cyclones in Mauritius in the Longue Durée

Wang, Haizhong, Alireza Mostafizi, and Costas Synolakis
An Agent-Based Wildfire Evacuation Model for Mati, Greece: Decision-Making and Life Safety

Wang, Qiong
What Drives Disaster Mitigation Policy Adoption: An Analysis of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Property Buyout

Wang, Yao
Information Visualization of Superstorm Sandy Impacts on Green Infrastructure in New York City

Williams, Abrina, Judanne Lennox-Morrison, Joy Semien, Michelle Meyer, Shannon Burke, and Shannon Van Zandt
Are You Ready for Recovery? An Evidence-Based Disaster Recovery Handbook for Planners

Williams, Darien
Spontaneous Disaster Responders: Unpacking the Choreographies of Organizational Challenge

Wither, David, Caroline Orchiston, and Etienne Nel
Social Resilience: The Impact of Institutional Arrangements

Wu, Kai and Yu Xiao
Social Capital and Household Post-Disaster Recovery Outcomes: A Case Study of 2012 Hurricane Sandy

Xia, Maggie (Shaoqiong)
Comparing the Recovery from the Wenchuan Earthquake in China with the Recovery from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Disaster in Japan

Xiang, Tianyi
What Motivates Public Agency Engagement in Emergency Management Coordination Activities: Evidence from United States Public Transit Agencies

Xie, Ruixiang
What Factors Drive United States Disaster Resilience Policy: Evidence from Federal Emergency Management Agency Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Programs

Young, Eileen and Ben Aguirre
Group Loyalty in Fire Evacuation

Zavar, Elyse
Narratives of Post-Buyout Landscapes: Commemoration at Sites of Flood and Technological Disasters

Zuzak, Casey, David Judi, Jordan Burns, Doug Bausch, and Sean McNabb
Toward the Development of Nationwide Probabilistic Flood Depth Data