Research and Practice Highlights Index

Allen, Thomas and Nicole Hutton
Old Dominion University Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience

Blake, Lisa and Melissa Umberger
New York City’s 2019 Online Hazard Mitigation Plan and the Affiliation with New York City Emergency Management

Comfort, Louise
The Dynamics of Risk: Changing Technologies and Collective Action in Seismic Events

Comfort, Louise, Taieb Znati, Lee Freitag, Emile Okal, Kathleen Carley, Harkunti Rahayu, and Febainr Ismail
Hazard SEES Type 2: From Sensors to Tweeters: A Sustainable Sociotechnical Approach for Detecting, Mitigating, and Building Resilience to Hazards

Edgemon, Lesley, Carol Freeman, Carmella Burdi, Jessica Trail, Kyle Pfeiffer, and Karen Marsh
Community Resilience Indicator Analysis: County-Level Analysis of Commonly Used Indicators from Peer-Reviewed Research

Edwards, Frannie
Practical Considerations for Ethical Research in Post-Disaster Communities

Ferraro, Carrie, Robert Kopp, Rebecca Jordan, Jie Gong, Clinton Andrews, Jeanne Herb, Lisa Auermuller, Sally Bond, and Janice McDonnell
Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative (C2R2): Training Students to Build Coastal Resilience

Foley, Lori
The Heritage Emergency National Task Force: Where Cultural Heritage and Emergency Management Intersect

Foley, Lori, Todd McMahon, Anne Milller, Carl Stewart, and Amy Zimmer
Colorado Cultural and Historic Resources Task Force

Gin, June, Susan Schmitz, Claudia Der-Martirosian, and Aram Dobalian
Promoting Disaster Resilience in Residential Non-Profit Organizations Serving Homeless Veterans

Godt, Jonathan, Lindsay Davis, and Lori Peek
Natural Hazards Center-U.S. Geological Survey Partnership for Landslide Risk Reduction in Puerto Rico

Hanson, Laura and April Geruso
Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization: Regional Disaster Recovery Framework

Hodde, Hank, Graham Green, Ashlie Anderson, and Julie Shiyou-Woodard
Gulf of Mexico Mitigation Guidebook

Hodde, Hank, Graham Green, Ashlie Anderson, Julie Shiyou-Woodard, Alexandra Cary, Tim Reinholt, Wes Shaw, Renee Collini, Rob Galbraith, Autumn Lotze, Thomas Ruppert, John Ingargiola, Nikki Pace, and Linda Lampl
The Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards

Hossain, Md Zakir and Shaila Shahid
Reconciling Disaster Response Management Systems Through Earth System Data Compilation and Dissemination in Local Dialect Towards Building Community Resilience

Jackson, Lisa
Implementing Lessons in Real Time

Jaiswal, Kishor, Nicolas Luco, Emily Schnebele, and Nedal Nassar
Assessing the Risk of Copper Supply Disruption from Earthquakes in South America

Jeong, Sangman, Hayoung Kim, Christabel Jane Rubio, and Moojong Park
Development of Technologies for Regional-Based Mega-Drought

Jones, Dave
Sensitive Information Sharing Across Platforms in Real Time for a Unified Approach to Situational Awareness

Juan, Andrew, Pranavesh Panakkal, Matthew Garcia, Jamie Padgett, and Philip Bedient
Integrated Flood Alert System and Road Network Accessibility Framework in Houston, Texas

Kim, Karl, Pradip Pant, Eric Yamashita, and Jiwnath Ghimire
A Deliberative Community Engagement Process for Flood Mitigation Planning in Waimanalo, Hawaii

Lakhina, Shefali
Co-Learning Disaster Resilience: Engaging the Knowledge and Capacities of People from Refugee Backgrounds

Lin, Yolanda, David Lallemant, Susanna Jenkins, and Gordon Woo
Natural Disaster Risk Re-Assessment of Extreme Black Swan Events in Southeast Asia Through the Lens of Counterfactual Analysis

Loos, Sabine, Jamie McCaughey, Nama Budhathoki, Ritika Singh, Feroz Khan, and David Lallemant
Post-Disaster Informatics for Equitable Recovery Planning

MacPherson-Krutsky, Carson, Brittany Brand, and Michael K. Lindell
Assessing How Natural Hazard Information, Core Perceptions, and Personal Variables Influence Household Emergency Preparedness Over Time

Mays, Glen
The National Health Security Preparedness Index 2019 Release: Steady but Uneven Improvement Across the United States

Miles, Scott, Joseph Trainor, and Kim Klockow-McClain
Impact360 Alliance: Facilitating Researcher-Practitioner Communication, Collaboration, and Co-Creation

Mohammad, Lubna and Lori Peek
Exposure Outliers: Children, Mothers, and Cumulative Disaster Exposure in Louisiana

Mwarumba, Njoki
Application of Global Health Data to Disaster Science: Integrating Global Social Vulnerability to Local Vulnerability Assessments

Nye, Michael
New Environmental Protection Agency Research on Decision Making to Improve Resiliency

Ortiz, Juan and April Geruso
Using After Action Reporting to Build Resilience: The Case of Flooding in the City of Austin and Travis County, Texas

Park, Hyejeong, James D. Goltz, Katsuya Yamori, and Genta Nakano
Comparative Analysis of Human Behavioral Response to the 2011 Virginia Earthquake, the 2014 Napa Earthquake, and the 2016 Oklahoma Earthquake

Peek, Lori, Tim Cockerill, David Frost, Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Julio Ramirez, Ellen Rathje, Britt Raubenheimer, and Joe Wartman
CONVERGE Rapid Response Disaster Research Briefing Sheets Series

Peek, Lori, Emmanuelle Hines, Mason Mathews, and Jeffrey Gunderson
Global Map and Listing of Academic Hazards and Disaster Research Centers

Peek, Lori, Mason Mathews, and Haorui Wu
Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Web Map

Peek, Lori, Haorui Wu, and Mason Mathews
2018 Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Census

Ramirez, Rodrigo
Practical Session: Do it Yourself Signs for Emergency

Rathje, Ellen, Tim Cockerill, Lori Peek, and Joseph Wartman
Publishing Data and Data Collection Protocols: A Partnership Between DesignSafe, RAPID, and CONVERGE

Rivas, Cynthia
Long-Term Care Facilities at Risk Due to Current and Projected Flooding in Baltimore, Maryland

Safran, Elizabeth, Peter Drake, Erik Nilsen, and Bryan Sebok
Using Novel Communication Tools to Understand and Motivate Earthquake Preparedness Behavior

Seong, Kijin and Clare Losey
To Remain or Relocate? Long-Term Mobility Decisions of Homeowners Exposed to Recurrent Disasters

Shahid, Shaila and Md Zakir Hossain
Sharing and Learning: Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia

Siembieda, William
Key Assignments for an Undergraduate Hazard Mitigation Course

Silverman, Brenda
A Public Health Toolkit: Integrating a Community-Based Information Network to Support Risk Communication Messages and Dissemination Strategies Effective for the Whole Community

Soga, Kenichi, Mark Stacey, and Louise Comfort
Collective Action in Communities Exposed to Recurring Hazards: The Camp Fire, Northern California, November 8, 2018

Starominski-Uehara, Marvin
How Structural Mitigation Shapes Risk Perception and Affects Decision Making

Starominski-Uehara, Marvin
The Long Way Ahead for Insurers Becoming Effective Leaders in Promoting Flood Mitigation Strategies

Starominski-Uehara, Marvin
The Role of Heuristics in Mitigating Flood Risks

Starominski-Uehara, Marvin
The Social Network Factor Shaping Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Sugimoto, Megumi
Multidisciplinary Approach for Disaster Preparedness for a Nuclear Accident in National University, Japan Near Nuclear Plants

Suski, Nancy and Miryha Runnerstrom
A New Paradigm for Higher Education in a Rapidly Changing Global Environment

Vickery, Jamie, Mason Mathews, Haorui Wu, Lori Peek, Nnenia Campbell, Aren Koenig, and Jennifer Smith
An Evaluation of Save the Children’s Building State Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) Capacities to Protect Children in Emergencies Project

von Meding, Jason, Nam Hai Dao, Nga Duong, Hang Thai, and Giuseppe Forino
Community Self-Organizing for Urban Flood Risk Mitigation in Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Wartman, Joseph, Scott Miles, Troy Tanner, Lori Peek, and Haorui Wu
The RAPIDApp for Mobile Data Collection: A Partnership Between RAPID and CONVERGE

Windham, Cera, Brittany Brand, and Carson MacPherson-Krutsky
Using Active-Learning and Goal-Setting Strategies to Promote Wildfire Hazard Awareness and Preparedness