Inside Institutions: Organizational Behavior During Disaster Response

Thur. 10:15 to 11:45 a.m., Centennial F
Concurrent Session 3-4

Performance of Schools and Hospitals in the California Camp Fire

Erica Fischer, Oregon State University
Hussam Mahmoud, Colorado State University
Sara Hamideh, Iowa State University

How Senior Executives Make Sense of Crisis Situations in the Chinese Governmental Pishi System: Findings from Simulation Exercises

Xiaoli Lu, Tsinghua University
Xian Zhu, Tsinghua University
Kaibin Zhong, Chinese Academy of Governance

Gender and Representative Bureaucracy: A Qualitative Look at Opportunities and Barriers for Women in Local Emergency Management Agencies

Alyssa Provencio, University of Central Oklahoma

Leveraging Justice: How Leaders Influence Performance in the Fire Service

David Huntsman, Oklahoma State University
Alex Greer, State University of New York at Albany
Haley Murphy, Oklahoma State University

“Hands I Can Depend On”: Inmate Firefighters and the Struggling Fire and Emergency Services in Georgia

J. Carlee Purdum, Texas A&M University