Plenary: Interdisciplinary Research in Hazards and Disasters

Wed. 2:30 to 4:00 p.m., Centennial E

Interdisciplinary research has a wide range of meanings across disaster research teams and projects. This 2019 Researchers Meeting Plenary includes educational presentations that highlight many facets of interdisciplinary research. As the field of disaster research grows and continues to require interdisciplinary approaches, training of future researchers and practitioners will be needed. These presentations were chosen to showcase interdisciplinary efforts across varying methods, disciplinary backgrounds, disaster types, community engagements, and educational projects.

Critical Transitions in the Resilience and Recovery of Interdependent Social and Physical Networks

Satish Ukkusuri, Purdue University
Shreyas Sundaram, Purdue University
Seungyoon Lee, Purdue University
Laura Siebeneck, University of North Texas
Takahiro Yabe, Purdue University
Hemant Gehlot, Purdue University
Tong Yao, Purdue University
Bailey Benedict, Purdue University
Caitlyn Jarvis, Purdue University
Britt-Janet Kuenanz, University of North Texas

Post-Disaster Household Dislocation After Hurricane Andrew, Ike, and Matthew

Walter Gillis Peacock, Texas A&M University
Donghwan Gu, Texas A&M University
Nathanael Rosenheim, Texas A&M University

Interdisciplinary Research to Support Tropical Cyclone Mitigation in Australia

Daniel Smith, James Cook University
Mitchell Scovell, James Cook University
Anne Swinbourne, James Cook University
Connar McShane, James Cook University

Assessing Community Resilience Through Human Geography Mapping

W. Michael Dunaway, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Liz Skilton, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Implementing the Collective Method

Jessica Pardee, Rochester Institute of Technology
Lori Peek, University of Colorado Boulder

C2R2: Training Students to Build Coastal Resilience

Carrie Ferraro, Rutgers University
Robert Kopp, Rutgers University
Rebecca Jordan, Michigan State University
Jie Gong, Rutgers University
Clinton Andrews, Rutgers University
Jeanne Herb, Rutgers University
Lisa Auermuller, Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve
Sally Bond, The Evaluation Group, LLC
Janice McDonnell, Rutgers University