Interdisciplinary Tools and Methods to Improve Resilience

Wed. 4:15 to 5:45 p.m., Interlocken D
Concurrent Session 1-2

Interdisciplinary Research and Community Partnerships to Develop a System Dynamics Disaster Resilience Model

Tara Sell, Johns Hopkins University
Robert Burhans, External Consultant
Eric Carbone, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Kimberly Gill, University of Delaware
Tak Igusa, Johns Hopkins University
Thomas Inglesby, Johns Hopkins University
Norma Kanarek, Johns Hopkins University
James Kendra, University of Delaware
Sanjana Ravi, Johns Hopkins University
Caitlin Rivers, Johns Hopkins University
Monica Schoch-Spana, Johns Hopkins University
Brian Schwartz, Johns Hopkins University
Natalie Semon, Johns Hopkins University
Catherine Slemp, External Consultant
Doug Ward, Johns Hopkins University
Crystal Watson, Johns Hopkins University
Qi Wang, Johns Hopkins University
Jonathan Links, Johns Hopkins University

Vision-Based Disaster Reconnaissance Planning with a Focus on Decision-Making

Shirley Dyke, Purdue University
Chul Min Yeum, University of Waterloo
Ilias Bilionis, Purdue University
Ali Lenjani, Purdue University
Kenzo Kamiya, Purdue University
Jongseong Choi, Purdue University
Xiaoyu Liu, Purdue University

Assessing the Feasibility of an In-Home Medical Countermeasures Dispensing Model for Vulnerable Homebound Populations

Charleen McNeill, East Carolina University
Ashlea Bennett Milburn, University of Arkansas
Emre Kirac, University of Houston-Clear Lake

The Cascading Consequences of Sea Level Rise: Evaluating Flood-Induced Commute Disruption in the San Francisco Bay Area

Katherine Serafin, Stanford University
Indraneel Kasmalkar, Stanford University
Ian Bick, Stanford University
Jenny Suckale, Stanford University
Leonard Ortolano, Stanford University
Derek Ouyang, Stanford University
Yufei Miao, Stanford University
Arnav Mariwala, Stanford University
Gitanjuli Bhattacharjee, Stanford University
Jack Baker, Stanford University

Making Room for the River: Applying a Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard to a Network of Plans in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Siyu Yu, Texas A&M University
A.D. Brand, Delft University of Technology
Philip Berke, Texas A&M University