The Many Facets of Social Capital in Disaster

Wed. 4:15 to 5:45 p.m., Centennial E
Concurrent Session 1-3

Neighborhood Organizations and the Repopulation of New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

Frederick Weil, Louisiana State University
Heather Rackin, Louisiana State University

Networking Among Nonprofits to Build Disaster Recovery Capacity in Puerto Rico

Divya Chandrasekhar, University of Utah
Ivis Garcia, University of Utah

Comparing Social and Planning Networks for Flood Mitigation in Harris County, Texas

Bryce Hannibal, Texas A&M University
Sierra Woodruff, Texas A&M University
Matthew Malecha, Texas A&M University

Examining the Linkages Between Social Connections and Resilience in South Sudan: The Development of a Culturally-Contextualized Household Survey

Jeeyon Kim, Mercy Corps
Alex Humphrey, Mercy Corps
Anastasia Marshak, Tufts University
Nyuon Gathuoy, Mercy Corps
Gatjang Kai, Mercy Corps
Jon Kurtz, Mercy Corps

Group Loyalty in Fire Evacuation

Eileen Young, University of Delaware
Benigno Aguirre, University of Delaware