Poster Session Abstracts Index

Adams, Rachel, Jennifer Tobin, Jolie Breeden, and Lori Peek
Implementing ShakeAlert® in Schools: A Mixed Methods Earthquake Early Warning Study

Ahmed, Farzana, Michelle Meyer, and Nathanael Rosenheim
Participatory Geographic Information System: A Tool for Community-Led Hazard Mapping

Akther, Sabrina, Carson MacPherson-Krutsky, and Brittany Brand
Resilience Webtool: Humanizing Data for Use in Local Resilience Planning in Idaho

Al Ruwaithi, Abdulhadi and Mahmoud Alwidyan
Insights from International Search and Rescue Responders to the 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

Allen, Ashley
Disaster Dialogue: Using TikTok for Equitable Disaster Communication

Andresen, Adam
Alone and Resilient? Examining Power Outage Effects by Community Type

Badillo-Rivera, Edwin
Ground Deformation Induced by Landslides in Chango, Peru

Badmus, Afeez, Elaina Sutley, and Shane Crawford
Evaluating the Benefit-to-Cost Trade-Offs of Extending Tornado Load Provisions to Residential Buildings

Balotin, Lauren, Morgan Zabow, Kimberly McMahon, Amber Hill, and Anna Hilting
A Coordinated Federal Initiative to Communicate About Extreme Heat

Barnes, Joshua, Lauren Childs-Gleason, and Carrie Roller
Informing Disaster Response: An Introduction to the NASA Disaster Response Coordination System

Beckman, Caroline
Understanding Risk Perception and Behavior in Response to Wildfire Smoke

Bekkaye, Jasmine and Navid Jafari
A Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Identifying Flood Debris Drivers and Generation

Bhattacharya, Yasmin and Yuto Shiozaki
Understanding Recovery Modelling Needs for Recovery Planning

Bogdan, Eva Angelyna (Evalyna) and Heather J. Murdock
Disaster Education Through the Flood Resilience Challenge Serious Game

Boyle, Erin
Community Organizations in Jackson, Mississippi: Tackling an Ongoing Water Crisis and Flooding

Brindle, Thomas Ryan, Shih-Kai Huang, Tanveer Islam, and Jane Kushma
Using Industry Sector Entropy to Predict Economic Community Disaster Resilience

Bryant, Aidan, Ava Vellines, Haleh Medhipour, and Jason Von Meding
Researchers’ Reflections on Community Engagement Through Participatory Action Research in Jacksonville, Florida

Chen, Chen, Qianli Qiu, and Michael Lindell
Understanding the Informal Warning System to Enhance Community Resilience

Chiba, Yohei and Shingo Nagamatsu
Business Continuity Strategy Considerations for Japanese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Chiu, Han-Yi, Srikant Kumar Sahoo, Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, Frank Fuh-Yuan Shih, Pei-Ching Lin, and Hui-Ju Chiang
Evaluating Hospital-Based Emergency Room Triage System in Mass Casualty Events in Taiwan

Chupp, William, Daniel Flynn, Jeffrey McGuire, Sara McBride, Andrew Malwitz, and Robert DeGroot
Earthquake Impacts on Traffic Safety using Crowdsourced and Police Reported Accident Data

Clive, Mary Anne T., Emma E. H. Doyle, Sally Potter, Chris Noble, and David M. Johnston
Communicating Severe Weather Hazard With Multi-Day Outlooks in New Zealand

Cooke, Michele, Audrey Cooper, Kota Takayama, Sara McBride, and Danielle Sumy
From Alert to Action: Earthquake Early Warning and Deaf Communities

Cutter, Susan, Kirstin Dow, Margot Habets, Gwyneth Waddington, Erin (Maggie) Kemp, and Suzan Edwards
Research and Training at the Hazards Vulnerability and Resilience Institute

Dadson, Yvonne Appiah, DeeDee Bennett-Gayle, Victoria Ramenzoni, and Elisabeth Gilmore
Disaster Impacts on Immigrants in the United States: A Systematic Literature Review

Day, Wayne, Alexander Abuabara, Walt Peacock, and Heather Wade
Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Owner and Renter Housing Assistance After Hurricane Harvey

Dickson, Melanie, Ashly Cabas, and Sabine Loos
Rethinking Earthquake Resilience: Uncovering the Multidimensional Factors Shaping Physical Outcomes

Dong, Ah Hyeon, Jung Eun Kang, Hoon Hyuk Choi, and Byeong Cheol Lee
Analyzing the Impact of Disaster Resilience and Disaster Perception on Life-Satisfaction

Dulam, Rithika, Azin Al Kajbaf, and Jennifer Helgeson
Challenges of Small Business Recovery from COVID-19 Pandemic: Case Study on Charleston

Dyck, Sydney, Sarah DeYoung, and Julie Elliott
Coastal Hazards, Equity, Economic Prosperity, and Resilience Hub: Community Partner Interviews

Emrich, Chris, Sanam Aksha, and Gene Longenecker
Update From University of Central Florida’s Emergency Management Research Initiative

Finau, Pisila, TyKeara Mims, Jennifer Toon, Marci Marie Simmons, Tara Goddard, Carlee Purdum, and Benika Dixon
Unveiling Voices: Evacuation Experiences of Incarcerated Women in Disasters

Garber, Chandra
RAND’s Disaster Management and Resilience Program

Gasha, Anna
(Mis)characterizations of Older and Historic Buildings in Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance Reports

Gerber-Chavez, Logan and Iuliia Hoban
Shifting Risk Perceptions During Resettlement of Ukrainian Refugees

Goniewicz, Krzysztof
Innovating for a Climate-Resilient Future: Global Strategies and Technologies

Hackerott, Caroline and Daniel Green
Academics to Practice: Student-Developed Innovative Solutions to Real Problems Through Partnership

Hamshaw, Kelly and Daniel Baker
Learning from an Integrated Flood Risk Assessment for Vermont’s Manufactured Housing Communities

Hamshaw, Scott, Althea Archer, Gericke Cook, Hayley Corson-Dosch, Jeremy Diaz, Phillip Goodling, John Hammond, Aaron Heldmyer, Ryan McShane, Cee Nell, Bryce Pulver, Roy Sando, Caelan Simeone, Erik Smith, Leah Staub, David Watkins, Ellie White, Michael Wieczorek, Kendall Wnuk, and Jacob Zwart
A Prototype Streamflow Drought Early Warning System for the Colorado River Basin

Henson, Siena, Marissa Matsler, and Keely Maxwell
From Disaster Waste Pre-Planning to Operational Planning—Continuities and Ruptures

Hernandez, Ruby, Garett Sansom, Galen Newman, Benika Dixon, Thomas McDonald, Natalie Johnson, and Jay Maddock
Resilient Boundaries: Empowering Fence Line Communities for Environmental Equality

Hiner, Nancy and Jenna Tilt
Comparing Built Environment and Community Recovery Post-Carr Fire

Hinojos, Selena and Caitlin Grady
Social Vulnerability Index Internal Validation for Scale-Centered Factors, Indicators, and Model Structures

Hoover, Shelley
Influence of Gendered Household Roles on Potential Heat Exposure in Daily Travel

Jabeen, Uzma and Patrick Bitterman
Social Vulnerability to Floods in Pakistan

Jeranko, Maja, Alessandra Burgos, Ann Bostrom, Felicia Olmeta Schult, Ian Miller, Jamie Donatuto, Jenna Tilt, Larry Syu-Heng Lai, Peter Ruggiero, and Nicole Errett
Cascadia Community-Engaged Research Clearinghouse: Helping Leaders and Practitioners Prepare for Coastal Hazards

Jiang, Shangkun, Shih-Kai Huang, Yuran Sun, Xilei Zhao, Thomas Brindle, and Michael Lindell
Household Evacuation Decision in Response to a Late Warning During Hurricane Ian

Johnston, Blythe, John van de Lindt, Lisa Wang, and Shane Crawford
The Role of Interdisciplinary Field Studies in Fortifying Structural Recovery Modeling

Kang, Jiping and Qiang Chen
Modeling of Rain-Wind-Induced Stay Cable Vibration

Kawami, Fuminori, Shinya Fujimoto, and Shigeo Tatsuki
Challenges in Social Workers’ Emergency Assessment of Hidden Vulnerable Individuals

Kawashima, Noriko, Shigeo Tatuki, and Etsuji Okamoto
Development of Robots for Disaster-Prevention Assistance

Kothegal, Nikhil and Elizabeth Frankenberg
Hurricane-Related Disruptions to Work and Associations With Health

Lefkowitz, Zoe, Candace Evans, Rachel Adams, and Lori Peek
CONVERGE Training Modules: Free Educational Resources for Researchers and Practitioners

Li, Xiangyu, Lindsey Greco, David Huntsman, Jayci Pickering, and Lukas Urbane
Understanding Negative Emotions and Harmful Coping Strategies in Fire Service Culture

Loos, Sabine and Yolanda Lin
Cultivating Disaster Risk Management through Data Visualization: Lessons from the DAT/Artathon

Louis-Charles, Hans M., Amidu Kalokoh, Curtis Brown, and Sahar Derakhshan
Unequally Prepared: Emergency Management Performance Grant Distribution in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Luba, Nilima Islam and Pallab Mozumder
Longitudinal Assessment of Economic Recovery of Puerto Rican Households After Hurricane Maria

Maki, Norio, Takeshi Morii, and Toshiaki Sato
Developing Resilience Sustainable Index of Buildings

Malla, Anamika
Comparative Reliability Analysis of Tornado Pressure

Martinez, Sabrina, Ben Mirus, Nathan Wood, Sabine Loos, and Alice Pennaz
Variations in Population Exposure to Landslides Within the United States

Maxwell, Kate
Local News Go Bag Project: Local Journalism Centering Community During Disasters

Mercurio, Sarah
Place and Process: A Case Study on Earthquake Mitigation in Portland, Oregon

Michaud, Michael, Jeannette Sutton, Heather Sheridan, Gregory Cox, Caroline Rafizadeh, and Supriya Samaroo
Using Eye-Tracking to Measure How Warning Information Design Impacts Understanding

Miller, Rebecca, Hannah Kirk, and Kristin Ludwig
Science and Technology Gaps and Priority Areas in Wildland Fire

Mohamed, Wesam, Franklin T. Lombardo, and Ryan Croce
Dust Devil Vortices: A Step Toward Better Understanding Tornados

Molineaux-Burrows, Cee Cee and Megan Bond
Underserved, Under Threat, Understood? Including Unique Community Voices in Disaster Planning

Mostafiz, Rubayet Bin, Md Adilur Rahim, and Carol Friedland
Risk Rating 2.0: Revolutionizing Flood Insurance Pricing and Risk Assessment

Mostafiz, Rubayet Bin, Ayat Al Assi, Md Adilur Rahim, and Meggan Franks
Enhancing Louisiana's Housing Resilience: Research and Outreach Initiatives

Motlagh, Farinaz and Sara Hamideh
Distributive Equity in Flood Mitigation Spending by the Federal Emergency Management Agency: A Two-Decade Evaluation

Mulder, Femke, Maureen Fordham, Sarah Dryhurst, Christina Gatsogianni, Jeannette Anniés, Selby Knudsen, Chrysoula Papathanasiou, and Vangelis Pitidis
Closing Gaps Between Risk Perception and Action Through Dialogue and Co-Creation

Muñoz Encinas, Mary, Jennifer Vanos, and Melissa Guardaro
An Overview of HeatReady Initiatives: Addressing Extreme Heat Challenges

Murray-Tuite, Duncan and Pamela Murray-Tuite
Public Perception of Power and Transport Restoration Priorities

Nyquist, Carla, Katherine Dickinson, Hannah Brenkert-Smith, Colleen Reid, Michael Hannigan, Evan Coffey, Sean Benjamin, and Stephanie Pease
Prescribed Burning for Wildfire Management: Engaging Colorado Stakeholders on Risk-Risk Tradeoffs

Ohtsuka, Rika, Tomo Takasugi, Yasuhiro Miyaguni, Toshiyuki Ojima, Shingo nagamatsu, and Katsunori Kondo
Promoting Disaster Preparedness Among Older Adults: A Focus on Neighborhood Interaction

Olivas, Savannah, Jeannette Sutton, and Michele K. Olson
Iconic Insights: Assessing the Public’s Interpretation of Hazard Icons

Otsuyama, Kensuke, Takuma Ota, Junji Hotta, Yasutaka Makihara, Kenichi Kuma, and Hisashi Nakamura
Creating Evidence-Based Flood Response Desktop Drill With Kikikuru Real-Time Risk Maps

Peek, Lori and Brigid Mark
Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network: Status and Overview

Pollock, Bruce, Michele Olson, and Jeanette Sutton
Extreme Heat Information: Bridging the Gap Between Expert Jargon and Public Understanding

Posch, Cornelia
“We Did What We Had to Do!” Library Workers Responding to COVID-19

Purkayastha, Prithila Datta and Brittany Brand
Assessing Rural Resilience: Navigating Natural Hazards for Sustainable Futures

Qin, Haoming and Wei Zhai
Historical Discrimination and Climate Risks: A Study on Redlining's Legacy

Qiu, Qianli and Chen Chen
Examining Resilience Hub and Micromobility for Dynamic Disaster Recovery: An Agent-Based Model

Rabinowitz, Hannah, Michelle Blankas, Kara Jacobacci, Dara Zaleski, Ellie Schwartz, and Alise Murawski
Considering Climate Change Effects on Earthquake Impacts in Hazard Mitigation Planning

Rahman, Mohammad Siddiqur, Thomas Wahl, Meghana Nagaraj, and Alejandra Enríquez
Interpretable Machine Learning for Modeling Weather-Related Power Outages in Central Florida

Reed, Ashley and Cynthia Rohrbeck
Manipulating Perceived Threat and Efficacy Through Disaster Risk Messaging: A Pilot Study

Reeves, Sylvia, Jesse Bell, Rachel Lookadoo, Keith Hansen, Amanda Sheffield, Britt Parker, and Molly Woloszyn
Public Health Preparedness for Drought: Engaging and Equipping Stakeholders

Rosenheim, Nathanael, Lidia Mezei, Matthew Preisser, Farzana Ahmed, Patrick Bixler, Christa Brelsford, and Michelle Meyer
Social Vulnerability Indices: Exploring Assumptions and Limitations

Roy, Poulomee, Sayanti Mukherjee, Diana Ramirez-Rios, Angelo Soto Vergel, Judith Brenan, Hou Huize, and Prasangsha Ganguly
Evaluating Impacts of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rican Communities Leveraging Quasi-Qualitative Approach

Ruiz, Michelle
In the Aftermath: Predicting Property Losses Post-Hurricane Michael Using Social Vulnerability Indicators

Saba, Jawata Afnan and Kevin Ash
Uncertainty Analysis of a Social Vulnerability Index

Safari, Safoura, Saeed Saleh Namadi, Amirreza Mohammadi, Deb Niemeier, and Allison Reilly
Disaster Impacts on Housing Affordability and Community Resilience in California

Safran, Liz, Martin Roth, and Ryota Kimura
The Stories We Play: The Disaster Report Video Game Series

Scales, Sarah Elizabeth, Jennifer First, Kelsey Ellis, and Kristina W Kintziger
Intra-Urban Temperature Variability and Vulnerable Populations in Knox County, Tennessee

Schneider, Max and Bianca Artigas
Prototyping Aftershock Forecast Maps and Products Based on User Needs

Schumann, Ronald, Alex Greer, Miranda Mockrin, Sherri Binder, and Ayesha Islam
From the Ashes: Mitigation and Recovery After Wildfire in California

Sharmin, Rumana, Elaina J. Sutley, and Jason Bergtold
State of Research on Social Equity in Infrastructure: Progress and Challenges

Smiley, Kevin T.
Calling Baton Rouge: 311 Calls on Flooding and Stormwater Infrastructure

Soobitsky, Rachel
The NASA Disasters Program’s Response to the 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

Sun, Yuran, Ana Forrister, Erica Kuligowski, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Thomas Cova, and Xilei Zhao
Social Vulnerabilities and Wildfire Evacuations: The 2019 Kincade Fire Case Study

Sutton, Jeannette, Michele K. Olson, and Lauren B. Cain
The Message Design Dashboard: A Tool for Effective Alert and Warning Design

Tahsin, Khandker, Erin Witt, Nishat Tusnime, and Sara Hamideh
How Pre-Disaster Housing Policy Shapes Vulnerability and Recovery Outcomes in Coastal Areas

Toon, Jennifer, Marci Marie Simmons, TyKeara Mims, Pisila Finau, Tara Goddard, Carlee Purdum, and Benika Dixon
Lioness: Justice Impacted Women’s Alliance and Texas A&M University’s Community-Led Academic Collaboration

Tricarico Orosco, Ana, Jeffrey Carney, and Christian Calle
Bridges in Vulnerability Assessments: The Case of Cedar Key

Vacroux, Natacha
Small Business Administration Resilience Summit 2024

Van, Matthew
The 1970 Ancash, Peru Earthquake in English and Spanish Language Literature

VanderMolen, Kristin and Benjamin Hatchett
Risk Communication and Health Literacy: Bridging Fields to Support Protection Against Heat

Vaughn, Cole
Evaluating Official Risk Communication on Twitter During the Marshall Fire

Vellines, Ava, Aidan Bryant, Haleh Mehdipour, and Jason Von Meding
Community Partnerships as the Basis to Social Justice Research: A Case Study

Vickery, Jamie, Stephanie Hoekstra, Daniel Nietfeld, Shadya Sanders Davis, Cole Vaughn, and Emily Wells
Introducing the Social and Behavioral Sciences Branch Within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Global Systems Laboratory

Wells, Emily, Benjamin Hatchett, and Zach Tolby
Fire Weather Testbed: Bridging Gaps and Testing Tools for the Frontlines

White, Zackery, Gillian Feldmeth, Halima Ahmadi-Montecalvo, and Amanda Terry
Examining Changes in Social Care Referrals During the 2021 Great Texas Freeze

Wright, Lindsey, Nicolas Arcos, Kelly Stroker, Aaron Sweeney, George Mungov, and Jesse Varner
National Centers for Environmental Information Tsunami Data: Capturing Tsunami Stories Through Observations

Wyte-Lake, Tamar, Emily Solorzano, Lauren Hall, Aram Dobalian, and Emily Franzosa
Protecting Older Veterans During Emergencies: Extending Veterans Health Administration Preparedness Resources

Yoon, Hyewon, Dongying Li, Galen Newman, Siyu Yu, Michelle Meyer, and Nathanael Rosenheim
Association of Historical Redlining and Social Vulnerability With Cancer-Related Hospital Utilization

Zhai, Wei and Haoming Qin
Using Virtual Reality Experiences of Flooding Events to Communicate Climate Change Risks

Zhu, Jiayi and Jason von Meding
Irregular Coastal Trash and Damage to Coastal Environment

Zobel, Christopher, Andrew Arnette, Yang Zhang, Louis Luangkesorn, and Michael Whitehead
Assessing the Relationship Between Social Vulnerability and Housing Damage in Hurricane Michael