Researchers Meeting Abstracts Index

Alcala, Sarah, Laura Wolf, and Leremy Colf
Economic Analysis of Mitigation Investments Tested in Hurricane Harvey

Baker, Natalie and Magdalena Denham
Performing the Swarm: Wading through Homeland Security Regimes in the Context of Hurricane Harvey

Bandaragoda, Christina, Miguel Leon, Jim Phuong, Graciela Ramirez-Toro, Kelsey Pieper, William Rhoads, Tim Ferguson-Sauder, Jeffery Horsburgh, Jerad Bales, Sean Mooney, Martin Seul, Kari Stephens, Erkan Istanbulluoglu, Julia Hart, Marc Edwards, Amy Pruden, Virginia Riquelme, Ishi Keenum, Ben Davis, Emily Lipscomb, David Tarboton, Amber Spackman Jones, Eric Hutton, Gregory Tucker, Scott Peckham, Christopher Lenhardt, William McDowell, and David Arctur
Building Research Software Infrastructure to Prevent Disasters like Hurricane Maria

Bennett, DeeDee, Hans Louis-Charles, Terri Norton, Lori Peek, Nnenia Campbell, Norma Anderson, and Jenniffer Santos-Hernandez
National Science Foundation INCLUDES: Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters

Bray, Jonathan
Advancing Understanding Through Post-Extreme Event Reconnaissance

Breen, Kyle and Michelle Meyer
Staying Above Water: Educational Outcomes of College Students During the 2016 Louisiana Flood

Browne, Katherine
Decision-Making Methods as a Window into Risk Perception and Interdependencies

Chakalian, Paul, Liza Kurtz, and David Hondula
Understanding Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Large-Scale Power Failure in the United States

Chellam, Shankar, Sarah Christnacht, Hailey Mueller-Lavigne, Sourav Das, Alyssa Kelley, Jennifer Murphy, Vincent Hill, and Jothikumar Narayanan
Distribution of Metals and Microbial Diversity in Hurricane Harvey Floodwater Remnants in Greater Houston

Chua, Geoffrey and Wee-Kiat Lim
A Study on Blood Donation and Management Systems in Asia

Cross, John
Emergency Managers Attitudes About Communication of Hazard Vulnerability by Monuments and Historical Markers

Davis, Cassandra
North Carolina Educator Perceptions of Hurricane Impact and School Responses

DeYoung, Sarah and Ashley Farmer
Pets, Privilege, and Getting the Whole Story: Lessons Learned through Research on Companion Animal Evacuations for 2017 Disasters

Doerfel, Marya
Resilience Breaking Points: Capacity, Communication, and Coordination of Work During and After Disasters

Dvorkin, Yury and Jip Kim
Transportable Energy Storage for Enhancing Power Grid Resiliency to Natural Disasters

Dyke, Shirley, Chul Min Yeum, Mathieu Gaillard, Bedrich Benes, Thomas Hacker, Alana Lund, Ali Lenjani, and Julio Ramirez
The Automated Reconnaissance Image Organization Tool

Elawady, Amal, Ehssan Sayyafi, Arindam Gan Chowdhury, and Peter Irwin
Wind-Induced Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Residential Buildings

Fischer, Erica, Manny Hakhamaneshi, Maggie Ortiz-Millan, and Beki McElvain
Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance: How it Can Support and Supplement Data Sharing and Boots on the Ground

Ge, Yue "Gurt" and Amanda Savitt
Unveiling the Myths of Intra-Family Decision-Making in Hurricane Matthew Evacuations

Gong, Jie, Mengyang Guo, and Yi Yu
Building a Cloud-Based Data Collaboratory for Hurricane Damage Assessment

Hamideh, Sara, Elaina Sutley, Tori Tomiczek, Donghwan Gu, Maria Dillard, Derya Deniz, Lori Peek, John van de Lindt, Walter Peacock, Nathanael Rosenheim, and Judith Mitrani-Reiser
Household Dislocation following Hurricane Matthew: An Interdisciplinary Study of Flood Hazards and Social Vulnerability

Han, Muyue, Srikiran Chandrasekaran, Maura Allaire, Christina Kellogg, and Sunny Jiang
Assessing the Impacts of Two Category 5 Hurricanes on the Water Quality of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Han, Ziqiang
More Assets or Better Prepared? What Do You Mean by Community Resilience?

Huang, Shih-Kai "Sky", Michael Lindell, and Sudha Arlikatti
Immediate Behavioral Response to the June 17, 2013, Flash Floods in Uttarakhand, North India

Iuchi, Kanako and Elizabeth Maly
Dynamics of Large-Scale Resettlement after Coastal Devastation: A Longitudinal Study of Communities in Tacloban, Philippines, after 2013 Typhoon Haiyan

Jafari, Navid, Anand Puppala, Surya Congress, Murad Nazari, and Jack Cadigan
Data Driven Post-Disaster Waste and Debris Volume Predictions Using a Smartphone Photogrammetry App and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Jafari, Navid, Xin Li, and Qin Chen
Fast Reconstruction of Flood Hydrographs in the Houston Metropolitan Area During Hurricane Harvey Based on Image Processing and In Situ Measurements

Kapoor, Vikram, Indrani Gupta, ABM Tanvir Pasha, and Duc Phan
Microbiological Assessment of Fecal Pollution in a Texas River

Kelman, Ilan
Bringing together Disasters, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development

Kennedy, Mal, Shannon Gonick, Hendrika Meischke, Janelle Rios, and Nicole Errett
Building Back Better: Understanding how Health Considerations are Incorporated into Local Post-Disaster Recovery Implementation

Kijewski-Correa, Tracy
Lessons Learned in Coordinated Structural Reconnaissance Efforts Following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

Kijewski-Correa, Tracy, Alexandros Taflanidis, Debra Javeline, and Karen Richman
The Role of Homeowners in Disaster Recovery in Resource-Constrained Settings: A Case Study in Haiti's Residential Sector

Kuo, Yen-Lien and Hsin-En Liu
How Does Social Capital Affect Post-Disaster Recovery? The Case of Typhoon Morakot Victims

Lam, Nina, Michelle Meyer, Margaret Reams, Seungwon Yang, Seungjong Park, Kisung Lee, and Lei Zou
Understanding Social and Geographical Disparities in Disaster Resilience through the Use of Social Media

Lam, Nina, Margaret Reams, Michelle Meyer, Seungwon Yang, Seung-Jong Park, Kisung Lee, and Lei Zou
Social Media and Hurricane Harvey: Preliminary Results from Twitter and Individual Surveys

LaMontagne, Michael, Michael Allen, and Terry Gentry
Hurricane Harvey Impacts on Surface Water Quality in Houston

Lane, Gina, Nathanael Rosenheim, and Walter Peacock
Data Collection to Explore the Southeast Texas Food Aid Landscape After Hurricane Harvey

Liu, Sophia and Emily Martuscelo
Leveraging Digital Volunteers to Operationalize Crowdsourcing for Emergency Management during the 2017 Hurricane Season

Lodree, Emmett and Maria Mayorga
Taxonomy for Scheduling Spontaneous Volunteers in Post-Disaster Relief Distribution

Maly, Elizabeth and Tamiyo Kondo
Characteristics of Housing Recovery Support Programs after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Comparison with the U.S. System of Housing Recovery

McClure, John, Liv Henrich, Caitlin McCrae, and Caspian Leah
Do Mitigation Actions in Wellington Suggest an Emerging Norm of Preparedness?

Meyer, Michelle, Brant Mitchell, and Stuart Nolan
The Cajun Navy: Movement, Mentality, and Organization of Spontaneous Volunteer Rescuers

Meyer, Michelle, Shannon Van Zandt, Walter Peacock, David Bierling, and John Cooper
Structures of Long-Term Disaster Recovery: Understanding Coordination and Collaboration to Address Unmet Needs

Miles, Scott and Troy Tanner
Human-Centered Design of a Disaster Reconnaissance Field App

Miller, Aubrey
Improving Vital Health Data Collection and Research in Disaster Responses: The National Institutes of Health Disaster Research Response Program

Mitrani-Reiser, Judith, John van de Lindt, Shane Crawford, Andrew Graettinger, Nathanael Rosenheim, and Walter Peacock
Enabling Disaster Field Work with Open Data and Centralized Repositories

Mitsova, Diana, Ann-Margaret Esnard, Alka Sapat, and Betty Lai
Socioeconomic Vulnerability and Power Outages: The Case of Hurricane Irma

Monteblanco, Adelle, Jennifer Vanos, Sarah LeRoy, Patricia Juárez-Carrillo, Gregg Garfin, and Hunter Jones
Hot Spots for Heat Resilience

Mostafavi, Ali, Philip Berke, Arnold Vedlitz, Bjron Birgisson, and Sierra Woodruff
Integrated Assessment of Social, Institutional, and Infrastructure Networks in Flood Hazard Mitigation Planning and Resilience Governance: A Study of Houston in Hurricane Harvey

Mukherji, Anuradha and Emel Ganapati
Panacea or Problem: Comparing Parallel Governance Structures for Disaster Recovery

Murray-Tuite, Pamela, Yue "Gurt" Ge, Seungyoon Lee, Atizaz Ali, David Marasco, and Satish Ukkusuri
Uncertainty and Information Flow in Hurricane Evacuation Decision-Making: A Preliminary Conceptual Representation

Peacock, Walter, Nathanael Rosenheim, John van de Lindt, and Judith Mitrani-Reiser
Implementing a Rapid Engineering-Social Science Community Resilience Field Study on Households, Housing, and Infrastructure: Hurricane Mathew and Lumberton, North Carolina

Peek, Lori, Mason Mathews, Haorui Wu, and Jennifer Tobin
Social Science Extreme Events Reconnaissance (SSEER) and Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance (ISEEER): New Coordinating Networks and Platforms

Pieper, Kelsey, William Rhoads, Drew Gholson, Diane Boellstorff, Gregory House, Adrienne Katner, Kristine Mapili, Amy Pruden, and Marc Edwards
Characterizing Private Well Communities After Hurricane Harvey

Pieper, Kelsey, Drew Gholson, Andrea Albertin, William Rhoads, Adrienne Katner, Diane Boellstorff, and Marc Edwards
Lessons Learned About Mobilizing Emergency Sampling Campaigns

Purdum, J. Carlee
Hurricane Irma: Prison Inmates, Disaster Resilience, and Social Vulnerability in the Georgia Department of Corrections Fire and Life Safety Program

Ramchand, Rajeev, Rachana Seelam, Vanessa Parks, Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Matthew Lee, Andrew Parker, and Melissa Finucane
Exposure to Disasters in the Gulf States and Long-Term Mental and Behavioral Health Outcomes

Rao, Balaji, Dimitrios Athanasiou, Giovanna Pagnozzi, Ilektra Drygiannaki, Renzun Zhao, Helen Lou, Kayleigh Millerick, and Danny Reible
Environmental Hazards and Impacts Associated with Flooding: A Case Study from Hurricane Harvey

Rathje, Ellen and Tim Cockerill
DesignSafe: A Cloud-Based Environment for Research in Natural Hazards Engineering

Reams, Margaret, Ryan Kirby, Nina Lam, and Michelle Meyer
Influences on Agency Use of Social Media for Bidirectional Communication with Residents: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Sandy, Isaac, and Harvey

Rifai, Hanadi, Amin Kiaghadi, Rose Sobel, and Adithya Govindarajan
Chemical and Microbiological Quality of Floodwaters in Houston following Hurricane Harvey

Rosario-Ortiz, Fernando
Assessment of Water Quality in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Roueche, David, Frank Lombardo, Rich Krupar, and Daniel Smith
Fragility Assessment of Wind- and Storm Surge-Induced Residential Building Damage Caused by Hurricane Harvey

Rumbach, Andrew, Esther Sullivan, Mayra Gonzales, and Sebastian Montenegro
Hurricane Harvey, Mobile Home Parks, and Flood Exposure

Seager, Thomas, Margaret Hinrichs, Daniel Eisenberg, Susan Clark, and David Alderson
Redesigning Resilient Infrastructure Research

Shoaf, Kimberley, Andrew Clark, Bryan Lewis, and Tom Cova
Hospital Decision-Making for Evacuation in Hurricane Harvey

Silver, Roxane Cohen
Using Innovative Population-Based Methods to Study Responses to Hurricanes Before and After Landfall

Soden, Robert and Austin Lord
Mapping Silences, Reconfiguring Loss: Toward New Practices of Damage Assessment and Recovery in Post-Earthquake Nepal

Stough, Laura, Donghyun Kang, and Sungyoon Lee
The Social Vulnerability of Children in School-Related Disasters

Sutley, Elaina, Tori Tomiczek, Maria Dillard, Maria Koliou, Derya Deniz, Sara Hamideh, John van de Lindt, Judith Mitrani-Resier, Andre Barbosa, Maria Watson, Yu Xiao, and Jennifer Helgeson
The Role of the Interior in Accurately Classifying Flood Damage to Homes and Businesses

Tobin, Jennifer, Maria Dillard, and John van de Lindt
Interdisciplinary Rapid Response Research: Lessons Learned from a NIST-Funded Field Study Following Hurricane Matthew

Tuccillo, Joseph and Seth Spielman
Assessing Social Vulnerability to Natural Hazards with Public-Use Microdata

Tyler, Jenna
Exploring the Relationship between the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community Rating System Program and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Wartman, Joseph, Jeff Berman, Mike Olsen, Jennifer Irish, Scott Miles, Laura Lowes, Kurt Gurley, and Ann Botrom
NHERI RAPID Facility: Enabling the Next-Generation of Natural Hazards Reconnaissance

Watson, Maria, Yu Xiao, Jennifer Helgeson, Kai Wu, Maria Dillard, Sara Hamideh, Elaina Sutley, John van de Lindt, Maria Koliou, Karim Farokhnia, Andre Barbosa, and Derya Deniz
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Business Recovery After Disasters

Wittich, Christine and Richard Wood
Post-Windstorm Reconnaissance in Rural and Agricultural Settings

Womble, J. Arn, Richard Wood, M. Ebrahim Mohammadi, and Peter Hughes
Preserving the Evidence: Three-Dimensional Wind Damage Scene Capture for Detailed Structural Forensics

Zhao, Renzun, Jian Fang, Hao Luo, Helen Lou, Balaji Rao, Kayleigh Millerick, and Danny Reible
Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Harvey and Perspectives for Future Preparedness